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Friday, May 11, 2007

Oh man.

I think I have a mild case of food poisoning from Tuesday.
It may be the chicken I ate.

Wild, crazy, chicken is doing a number on my insides.

Bad chicken!

To spare you all the graphic details, I'm not getting sick.
That is a
good thing.

My stomach is just rolling over... constantly.
And cramping. That's not so good.

Yes, I'm drinking plenty of fluids, so I don't dehydrate.

- It took the rest of the week, and the weekend, but I'm pretty much back to "normal".

4 thoughtful comments:

mommiebear2 said...

LOL- Okay the whole "bad chicken" thing like you were getting onto it reminded me of Finding Nemo with Dorie and saying "bad squishy"!!

mommiebear2 said...

Oh, I am guessing you had the "Donna Reeds" as Bryan says.

Hol&J said...

Yes, and yes.

"Bad squishy!" The sea turtles are my most favorite-est, but Dori's humor is priceless.

Trust me, it was a bad. bad. chicken.

"Donna Reeds", too funny! I hadn't heard that one before, but I like it.

Ky said...

Awww... I hope you don't run into a "bad chicken" again.

You know, it was kind of cool how you turned food poisoning into poetry.

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