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Monday, May 14, 2007

Why do you blog?

Nicole from Who cries over spilled milk? tagged me for this.

The rules are simple; give five reasons why you like blogging, and tag other bloggers. No tag backs, but be sure to let them know who tagged you.


1. I started reading blogs a year or two ago. It started off with a few friends, and then I decided to start my own blog. From that point I found Breed Em and Weep along with Oh, the Joys. Hilarious! I wanted to write with similar comedic results... alas, I don't have children yet. They seem to be the source of everything funny. That's okay, I still try. As long as I don't write about the grass again. Right? ;)

2. Have I used my blog to vent? Okay, I did complain about our air conditioning going out, but is that really venting? Family and friends read my blog, so I like to keep what I write true, but not totally cynical.

3. It's a journal. With some random stuff tossed in. My blog is about everyday life, the good, the bad, and the boring. (Maybe I'll become funny at some point. Perhaps I am at times, and I don't see it. I'm not sure.)

4. I agree with Nicole, it's good for meeting new friends. I get to join the friends inside my computer for a coffee break in the morning. It doesn't matter what time it is where you live, we can converse and share life anytime. I haven't met anyone other than Who cries over spilled milk, Reflecting Him, Pig Song and The Burnt Waffle, face to face. (I take that back, some of my childhood friends now blog. I don't think I'll list them all though.) I don't know if I ever will meet some of you, but thank you for sharing with me.

5. Lastly, I blog to keep friends and family up to date with the things going on in my life. Places I've been, things I've seen. Even things related to my business, which I also have a blog for.

Now it is your turn.

I am tagging:
Reflecting Him, The Burnt Waffle, Yer Doing It Wrong, and Oh, The Joys.

If you've already done this one, never mind.

5 thoughtful comments:

mommiebear2 said...

Thanks for doing my meme! And I think your pretty dang funny, one day you will have a little one and we will all laugh as u blog about explodin' diapers, etc. :)

Hol&J said...

You're welcome girl, and thank you! You are pretty funny too, did you know that?

The bad thing is, I've already had to deal with exploding diapers! (Nephews, nieces, kids from church, etc.) Lots 'o fun, especially when they're not your own kids. ;)

yerdoingitwrong said...

I love your blog. I've done this one, but make sure to tag me again, please. =P

Hol&J said...

Thank you Ann. I enjoy your comments. I'll tag ya next time. :)

glee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

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