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Saturday, August 4, 2007


Earlier this evening I finished THE book.


it's Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Image from mugglenet.com.

About a week ago I thought someone had ruined it for me. I read something on accident. I figured it would spoil the book, and the outcome. Thankfully it did not. Some have said "it's the same old plot". They think J.K.R. was "running out of ideas" for this one. The same plot you say? There has been a single goal from the beginning. Why would that change now? Running out of ideas? Well, I guess that's possible after seven books.

Honestly, I think it was a terrific book and series. I don't feel as though the plot was dull, or old. As for running out of ideas... hardly. That's my opinion, so take it with a grain of salt.

J has been waiting for me to finish reading, so it would be his turn. I won't give anything away. Part of me wishes I could. Just a little. There are others I know who are reading it, and I'm not sure they have finished. (My mother, and my cousin.)

*Let me know when you do Ky!*
Actually, I'm guessing you may have finished before I started it.

Instead of revealing something to J, I'd love to discuss the book with him. I'm anxious to do just that. Once he reads it of course. Maybe even after he reads a few chapters.

He already asked me a couple questions, but I didn't spill anything. I don't want to. I know he's a little bummed about that.

J was always one to search for birthday and Christmas presents. He and his brothers would find, unwrap, and then re-wrap presents. (That's what they say, and their mom knew a few times it happened.) Later they'd act all surprised when they opened the gifts. Silly boys. One time I had to wrap a gift for him in Duct tape, just to make sure he wouldn't peek. He may be a goober, but I love him.

I on the other hand, actually like surprises. They're fun. J will sometimes say, "Guess what I got you." I say, "Don't tell me because I'd rather be surprised when I open it." He pouts and says, "You're no fun!" However, I do think he's coming around. He is a bit more excited about surprises these days.

I'm off to check and see if J has started reading yet. I know he'll be surprised with this book for sure.

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Ky said...

Yay! I'm glad you finished it. I never thought this would happen, but I kind of became one of those fans who started reading theories on Mugglenet and The Leaky Cauldron a few days before the book came out because I was so excited. I finished the book on the Sunday after it came out. I was crying for the last, oh, fifty pages or so.

Anyway, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! So did I. My mom convinced me to tell her who dies, etc, but otherwise I've said nothing.

Although Saturday night before I went to sleep, I read the last few pages or so. Just because I knew that, if I tried to go to sleep without knowing what happens in the end, I would just gravitate towards the book and spend until 4 AM reading the rest of it. I don't support peeking at the end unless sleep depends on it.

Enjoy it, J! It's awesome. But don't peek.

glee said...

Uh, I disagree. I have peaked and I'm not finished. Rowling hides a lot in her details, so I know there is still more to enjoy. I asked who died because if it had been the wrong ones, I could just not read the book and they would remain alive in my mind.

I get too wrapped up in books and movies, so I am pacing myself with this book. I can only read a chapter or so and then I have to put it down. Otherwise the characters become too real to me and I can't let them go. I don't see movies much for that reason.

I'm glad you read it and enjoyed it. Rowling is an excellent writer in one way (plot and complexity of writing, as well as keeping the public interested in her books) but an awful writer in another way--like too many words. So far, I have been distracted with this book because it continually refers back to previous events that I vaguely remember, but I need to know the details to get the full meaning out of whatever is happening. It reminds me of one of those "Choose your adventure" stories, in which you must keep hopping around in the book and feel like you are constantly looping around. I miss the innocence of the earliest books. Thankfully, Ky was old enough when it started to be just the right age for each book. I worry about nine-year-olds reading this book (or Book Six, for that matter) and not being totally scared out of their wits. Too much, too soon.

Ah, yes, that would be my soapbox contribution for the day. I figure I'll finish the book in about a week. I'm starting Chapter 27, but I must pace myself. Otherwise, I'll be wand-shopping.

Hol&J said...

ky - I was also crying for the last 50+ pages. It was hard to keep quiet, so I didn't make J assume anything about the book. I didn't peek, but did have difficulty falling asleep a few times when I first started reading. ;)

glee - I think that I have become attached to the characters, like you said. I am slightly sad that this is the "last" book.

I find some relief that there are still two movies to go. My joy is that I will have the books to reread, and movies to watch over and over again.

Not that HP is in any way equal to the Star Wars series, but they both had an end (so we are lead to think). I find myself imagining more to both HP and SW, so that the stories continue a bit in my mind.

Suzio said...

I think there will be more to come...how can JK leave her audience without a sequel! Maybe something like, "Harry Jr., His Cauldron Runneth Over"??

Biddy said...

i have yet to venture into harry potter...i know, i'm a loser...

anywho...the signature is an HTML that I got from www.mylivesignature.com you type in what you want it to say, pick your font (which takes forever because there's like 100 different ones, and of course you have to look at every one of them because there just MIGHT be one you like better than this one etc), color, size and slant and then it generates an HTML code for you. i saved it into my drafts so i can just copy and paste it into my posts...

Burcham Family said...

Funny, as much as I love to read, I never read a Harry Potter book. I don't know why but I'll have to catch up and read them all. At this point, I should be able to get the early ones from the library with no problem!

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