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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

5 Things I Have Not Done (yet)

5 Things I Have Not Done (yet)

• Skydiving
• Visit Yellowstone/Tetons/Grand Canyon/Redwoods
• Scuba diving - just snorkeling so far
• Purchase a home
• Visit all 50 US states

What haven't you done?

4 thoughtful comments:

mommiebear2 said...

Well all of the above plus bungee jumping (something I totally want to do)!

glee said...

You are your father's daughter.

Buying a home is over-rated. Don't stress on it. It used to be something that was financially profitable, but not necessarily so now. Put it off until you can put a lot of money (that you don't need for other things) down. PLEASE get that off your priority list for a while!!!!!

The other things sound like a lot of fun. Except the scuba diving. I really dislike the water!

JZ said...

i would be glad to help you with #2 (not THAT #2...the one on your list)

Ann(ie) said...

I'd like to see every State, too!!

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