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Saturday, November 3, 2007

5 Things I'm Thinking About

Sorry for the absence of posts. I've been working on-site for a contract job this last week, and will be doing the same next week.*

I know this is late for Wednesday, but I still wanted to post it.

5 Things I'm Thinking About

• Designing blog templates and banners.
(It will probably be a little while before this happens. *See above about contract work.)

• Getting to visit my parents for Christmas. (We're excited, and hoping for snow!)

I need to get our Halloween decorations put away. Done!

• Daylight saving time is today/tomorrow. (Yes, "daylight saving" is correct. There isn't an S.)

• I need to finish the laundry, and clean around the house.

4 thoughtful comments:

Burcham Family said...

So, by visiting your parents, do you mean you'll be in Michigan? If so, we NEED to get together!!

glee said...

I'm glad you'll get to see your parents and Grandparents in Michigan this Christmas! I wish I could be there, too!



mommiebear2 said...


Shauna Loves Chocolate said...

Here's hoping for a white christmas for you!!

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