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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Razor What?

Last night J had just done some work on his Bronco (the poor thing is "sick" right now), and then we went through our shopping list before going to the new HEB store for groceries.

We figured out all the food items, and continued on to toiletries while we were in our bathroom taking stock of items.

J: "Do you need any makeup or beauty items?"

H: "No, but I do know we need laundry detergent, and paper towels."

J: "Are we out of razor fluid?"

H: "What? ... Do you need razors?"

I was thinking, .oO( I have razors. Do you need some already? ) I heard the word razor. Click, we need razors. It didn't register with me what J had said.

J: "Is there another bottle of razor fluid?"

At this point we were both looking at each other and then we started laughing. J had car fluids on the brain from working on his truck, and razor fluid just seemed to sound right at the time.

I reached in the cabinet for the last can of shaving cream, and giggled.

J: "Now that's a story you could write about."

H: "Ooh yeah! ... um, do you mind if I post it on our blog?"

J: "No. I don't see why not."

H: "Wheee! I finally have a funny story!"
(At least it was funny at the time.)

6 thoughtful comments:

mommiebear2 said...

Heh. The other night Bryan and I were watching tv and they had a commerical for the Lord of the Ring series and I was telling him I was not a fan of those movies. He was all really, why not and I told him I dont know just couldnt get into them. Like back when we were kids and everyone loved that book about hobbits or whatever, what was it called? And he was all The Hobbit? I was like yeah okay - shut up.

glee said...

I've certainly had days like that, when the wrong words are the only ones that come to mind! Poor J! I'm glad you could both laugh about it! I loved the pictures you had, too!

Ky said...

I don't know how many times I've said things like that. At least they're laughable! I bet you two will joke about this one for a while.

Ann(ie) said...

heeeheeeeeeeeeeee.....see good blogging material!!! I was asking Matt to scrub a pan for me once ... that I needed his monkey grease. Meant elbow grease, not sure what the monkey has to do with it!

Suzio said...

ROFL. Thanks, that reminds me, I need tooth fluid from the grocery store.

Caroline Kaufman said...

haven't laughed so hard in days! ask josh to get me some arm pit solvent when he gets is razor fluid hahaha.

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