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Monday, January 28, 2008

Boy Are We Tired

J and I spent this weekend finally going through all the boxes of our accumulated stuff. We are just about done too!

It was quite the event. We brushed off the dust, and watched many, many movies.

Ever since our wedding in 2003, we have never really gone through our things to figure out what we needed, or wanted to keep.

It's amazing how many boxes we had up in our attic.

We downsized our collection of blankets. Only keeping the ones we really needed. Of course baby blankets and the like were sealed securely in plastic bins to keep someday for our children, because they are special.

We went through clothing we don't wear, and put it aside. I managed to go from two "space saver bags" of stuffed animals, down to about one. Most of the furry friends are either tied to memories - like a teddy bear with a music box inside from my uncle, a small purple ape J gave me for my birthday when we first started dating that we named, "Grape Ape" - and others that will be kept for our little ones.

The same goes for "toys" we had. I say toys, related to the silly and fun gifts we have received over the years. We don't need them, and there are plenty of kids who could use them.

We removed three duplicate copies of heavy college yearbooks. We'll be checking with a few friends, who were fellow Wildcats, and see if they have any interest in them.

Here is THE pile.

It felt really good to make quite a large stack of things that we realized we don't need. I even went through some old bags and purses, finally getting rid of a few I don't use.

J and I plan on trying to have a garage sale. Any remaining items that do not sell, will be donated to the garage sale that our church helps run every year. The profit from the sale goes to the IMPACT Church of Christ in downtown Houston, and benefits those in need, along with helping the IMPACT "soup kitchen" continue to run.

I know that we could use Freecycle, however at this point we really want to support our church and IMPACT. They would benefit from it much more, and anyone in the community can visit the garage sale. It's not like only church members can attend.

What do we go through next? I think the kitchen could use a once over.

There are a few cups and coffee mugs that have multiplied like rabbits behind closed cabinet doors.

4 thoughtful comments:

Biddy said...

y'all could go through my garage and spare bedroom next.


Hol&J said...

Biddy - Funny! I know the feeling though. You know it needs to be done, yet you don't really want to do all the work.

Oh my, the garage. I'm not sure if we need to go through it or not.

glee said...

I am really proud of you! It is something we all need to do every few years!

Burcham Family said...

Oh...I could really use a few of those days to clean out my junk. Don't think it's going to happen anytime soon so if you're every in Michigan again...hehe.

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