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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mom and Daughter

Looking at my new niece, I am seeing a little bit of her mom's red hair.

What a cutie!

A, with that downy soft red hair.

I started thinking, and wondered if there are any similarities between mom and daughter so far.

C (A's mom) with R (our dad) back in the 70's.
I actually remember that couch. Wow.
My sister C, when she was a baby.

A looking a bit like her mom.

C, not so happy.

A, looks like she's just as upset (as the picture of her mom above).

C at about 1 year old.

Notice the hobby horse that my nephew Z is playing with?
It's the same one his mom has in the picture above.
Now it has new wheels, hair, and a fresh coat of paint.

I wonder if A, will keep her red hair like her mommy did. I had red throughout my hair when I was growing up. It was more of a strawberry blond then, and now it has darkened to a light brown with red highlights (especially in the summer).

It's strange how some things change. Our dad, R, had white blond hair when he was a little boy. It later darkened to it's light brown color which it currently is.

Our mom has always had auburn hair, so that's where the red comes from. It may actually be from our grandfather (mom's dad). All of the pictures (in color) that I saw of him when he was younger, his hair was red. It's gotta be some of that Irish / Scottish ancestry.

I wonder what J and my children will look like. Will they have blue eyes like their dad, or hazel like me? J also had white blond hair as a child, but it darkened a bit as he grew older.

It will be fun to see when that time comes.

2 thoughtful comments:

mommiebear2 said...

Dude, I think you guys will have some of the cutest kids!! I cant wait! :) PS. I forgot about doing the book meme, but I will get it done I promise.

glee said...

I love those pictures! I'm glad you got Blogger to behave. I still didn't get to see one of the pictures of C, but the rest brought back some fun memories.

I look forward to seeing your children someday. I hope, however, your children decide to wait until closer to the due date to be born! You rascal! You scared us all!

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