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Monday, March 31, 2008

Praise You In This Storm

Friday marked the start of a long tough road for K and everyone else involved.

Her husband, G's blood pressure dropped, and a scan revealed no brain activity whatsoever. She and G's family made the difficult decision to donate his organs and sign papers. I can't possibly understand what that was like, nor do I want to ever have to experience it.

J and I, along with a handful of K's coworkers went to visit with her Sunday afternoon. It was a blessing to be there, and to see such an outpouring of love and support.

Being able to talk with K and G's neighbors who are also very close friends, was insightful. They shared great memories with all of us. How G would always be grilling outside. They say he made the best steaks you could find anywhere. Two of the friends and coworkers, talked about craw fish boils and how much fun they were. They laughed about stories and things they all did in the past.

They will always remember G, and the good times. They also recalled the down times. The struggles G and K faced, together and also individually.

One of G's neighbors, who was like a brother to him told us how he's sad, but he is also mad at G because of the circumstances involved in his death. They are all dealing with grief tinged with anger, and questions that might never be answered. I pray they can give their burdens up to God, and be at peace.

Each person involved is part of the bigger picture. They are woven together, and touched by this tragedy, yet they will all help one another grow stronger and take it one day at a time.

God only gives us things He knows we can handle. I think that most times we don't realize the trials we can truly bear. It always seems to be too hard, or too much. If we ask for His help, He will ease that burden.

Shortly after my grandfather died in 2005, I went to a concert for Casting Crowns and Building 429. This song, Praise You In This Storm, by Casting Crowns really spoke to me then, and still does.

I hope others will find it inspiring and helpful.

4 thoughtful comments:

Ky said...

My deepest sympathy to K and her family. I'm glad you and J were able to help bear their burden, and I know God will use everything for good. I'm praying for you guys and K and her family!

And that song is very true here. God will work it out for good.

Doug, Shelly & Ava said...

My heart goes out to K, her family and your family, as well. May you be a shining light to them during this difficult and dark time.

Hugs to you,

Ann(ie) said...

My condolences to K and her family as well, love.

You're such a sweet person.


mommiebear2 said...

My thoughts and prayers are with K right now, I wish there was more I could do for her....

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