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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Camping again!

We're going on a camping trip for the weekend and. I. am. so. excited!

Earlier this year we, along with our Life Group from church, came up with the idea. What a good idea it was too!

J and I, along with Kira will go up Thursday evening. It will be nice to get out in nature again, and really enjoy it.

Not like the experience I had with nature at the end of Easter weekend. Nature smature. The pollen was horrible. My poor sinuses felt the need to stop up, and drip at the same time. Tell me, now how is that possible?

No, this time we're back in our own humid southern climate. None of the oak trees will get me here. *knock on wood*

We plan on taking pictures. Digital and 35 mm. Ooh aren't we special?

I don't know when I plan on getting the 35 mm developed, so you may have to make do with a small group of photos after we return. Is that a problem? No? Didn't think so. *grin*

Keep your Chanel No. 5, and Ralph Lauren. I get to smell like a campfire all weekend, and that's the best in my opinion. You weren't asking? Meh.

Enjoy your Friday. I know we will. We'll even roast marshmallows for each one of you. It may mean we get tummy aches, but oh the smooshy toasted goodness will be SO worth it.

Mmm, toasty fluffy marshmallows with melty chocolate on crunchy graham crackers. Is your mouth watering yet?

We'll be back soon!

3 thoughtful comments:

Biddy said...

hope you have fun!

i'm really spoiled...my version of camping is done in a 42 foot motorhome with hot water and satelite t.v.

and a toilet...

blame my grandparents

Josh, Heather and Mackenna said...

The sweet sounds of nature, fresh smell of wood burining and the amazing tastes of S'mores! I am oh so jealous! ;c )
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Ann(ie) said...

Yup. I can relate to biddy. I am not a camper. I prefer a Holiday Inn anyday. But, I do love me a s'more and I also hope you guys have a BLAST!!!!

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