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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ring, Ring.


Farah Fawcett wants her hair back.
Oh. Ouch.

What was I thinking this morning?

I for one, was concerned about taking a shower. That's always nice. Some people don't like smelling like yellow rubber gloves. Nah, I didn't smell like that. Honestly.

What, you don't believe me? Meh.

Not long ago I had seen these lovelies and moved them from their hiding spot into the bathroom.

Who would have thought Velcro rollers would make for an interesting still life. Not I, said the fly!

I guess they could be made into a pop art-like painting.
Yep, I'm still trying to think of what to paint-over my large canvas from college.

Trying to give some space before the awesomely strange piece is viewed.

[Fearing you'll all be disturbed.]

Aliens or babies? Babies.
(Sorry it's so blurry)

I'm pretty sure my professor didn't like this one. Actually, he didn't like too many of my paintings. Then again, painting wasn't my forte.

We had to choose images and themes and then create scientific-like "diagrams". I think I'd like the piece better without all the words. Oh and that is an umbilical cord you see, not something else. Let's keep it G-rated peoples.

The quote I used is from the song, Hey, by The Suicide Machines.
Odd name I know.

They were a Punk/Ska band from Detroit, and boy did they play a good show! Ever heard of Jack Kevorkian? "Dr. Death"? The original band name was, Jack Kevorkian and the Suicide Machines. They weren't into that though. Kevorkian's not really the most highly regarded "doctor" anyhow.

My "six-degrees of separation": I went to high school with the drummer Ryan. He was friends with B, who I went to homecoming with my senior year. (Amazing thing. I actually asked B to go.)

Source here.

My friend Melissa and I went to one of The Suicide Machine's shows at a small venue for her birthday one year (before Ryan had joined). Mel's boyfriend knew a bunch of the band members, so we had spots right up front. Best. show. ever! The coolest thing? Her parents went too, and sat up in the balcony. I'm still amazed about that.

Okay, okay. Now that we got the history of my high school years over with... back to THE hair.

Whatever possessed me to do such a thing? I mean, taking a picture with that facial expression? Could I look any more pleased or bored?

I put my hair up in rollers because I really wanted to see if I could concentrate at work, while having big floppy Velcro things hanging all over my head. No wait, I thought big hair was back in. Isn't it?

Actually I let my hair air dry the other day and was somewhat pleased with the natural waves/curls that I saw. I thought I'd see how it would look when I let my hair air dry with the rollers in.

When I first saw it I was like, oh. my. goodness!

Why do self-portrait photos in the mirror make me look so dorky? I'm cereal serious.

I. am. a. big. huge. dork. Yep that's me.
Why on Earth am I raising my eyebrows?

I don't know what it is. I don't really look mad. Just... just silly.

I can't believe I even saved the photos, let alone posted them on here so you dear Internet and all my bloggy friends could look at them.

Hello there! Like looking up my nose much?

This one isn't too bad. The flash kinda messed it up though.

Now, about an hour later, it's not looking so Farah-ish. J came home, moved some of my hair to the side, and gave me a hug. I giggled when he did it, thinking he would laugh about "the hair" too.

Get this mass of fluffy hair out of the way, I want a kiss and a hug.

He actually likes it.
Who would have thunk it?

"I like your hair long like this. It's pretty. I like it short too though."
He doesn't make it easy for me does he?

I've been toying with the idea of cutting my hair short again, but I know what would happen. I'd cut it, and then almost cry when I looked at it the next morning. Then I'd get use to it and life would be okay again.

I do need to get my hair-ah cut though. I think a trim and a good shape would help fix the issues I have with it. I'll save the short cut for another time, unless I convince myself otherwise.

The Velcro rollers - not too bad, other than a little pulling. I didn't burn myself, and didn't need to add any product to get some curl. The no burning part was a big plus.

I'm still thinking they deserve some time in the spotlight. What do you think? Here's hoping Warhol and Lichtenstein would be proud.

If you click and view the large version, you can see the full effect. No, not of me, but of the loverly rollers.

3 thoughtful comments:

aggiejenn@ReflectingHim said...

You crack me up! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your hair long like that. I think the waves look great. But, I know about long, wavy hair in the summertime around here and understand your desire to cut it off. I cut mine AGAIN the other day and love it. But there's no chance it's going in a pony tail, so I can't bum out for a day and not wash it! J is like Justin...he likes my hair either way. His only caveat has always been, "as long as it's longer than mine." :-)

glee said...

This is a great post! It is the real you!

I love your hair that way, and one of the pictures made me think you looked like your sister!

You have always had interesting hair. I know, that sounds awful, but the opposite of interesting hair is boring hair. Yours is always interesting and I've always liked each style you've tried.

My vote: go for comfort and for your own pleasure. My husband won't express an opinion on my hair, my clothes, nothing, and it used to bug me, but I have learned to enjoy the freedom. J is letting you know he loves you instead of your hair.

I looked at the velcro rollers in the "large, economy size" and that is very cool. You could over-paint something like that in the colors you need to spice up that spot over the couch!

mommiebear2 said...

I think the picture of the rollers was really neat, totally a pic I could see like in a hip hair salon.....

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