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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

So It Begins

Summer is almost here and the issues have started.
Want to know how I can tell?

Besides temperatures in the mid to upper 90's, our air conditioner is being finicky again. Whee. You should see the smile creeping onto my face right this instant. What? You can't see it? Oh that's right, I should have taken a picture, but then again that smile is pretty much nonexistent.

I'm wondering if we will end up getting new laminate floors at the end of this month (like we're supposed to), or if that will turn into repair work to our silly AC unit. I hope we can get the flooring, I've really been looking forward to ripping up this 15 year old carpet for a while now.

Some additional "fun" news? Our landlord has been out of town so we have not been able to tell him about the AC, or the other adventure in the backyard.

The "adventure" out back started with two contractors ringing the doorbell last week. They were from AT&T. The bad thing was that they were not in a marked vehicle, nor did they have any official clothing or badges that I could see. I immediately called AT&T to ask someone, anyone, if they could verify that the contract workers should be digging in our yard. That wasn't much help, because no one could tell me much of anything.

I should have gotten a call back from a supervisor, and what do you know? No one called on Friday like I was told. Everything ended up being okay, but I don't appreciate people telling me they are going to do something, and then they don't follow through. It's rude, and very inconsiderate.

Someone did show up in an AT&T vehicle later that evening, to look at the huge hole in our yard. J spoke with him and found out that they would probably be putting in a box. You know, one of those green or gray cable boxes. Lovely. I know our landlord is going to be thrilled about that.

Here's the kicker. They had to get into our yard to work on the NEIGHBOR'S phone/cable. Yep, you got it. We don't even use AT&T for anything (wonder why), yet they had to rip up our yard. Yes, I know about the 7 feet of space needed/required for utility companies, so there's not much we can do about it.

I actually got a call this morning from a supervisor at AT&T. After speaking with the guy, he said that all contractors from AT&T should have, and should show you their official badges. Well they messed up there. I kinda had that feeling from the beginning.

So the contractors came back this morning, after I talked with the manager. They made the hole even bigger, but at least I can see what they're trying to do now. I'm just glad they put up the lovely orange mesh fence to keep Kira and other animals out.

I've been telling myself, "They're just doing their job." It may seem inconvenient to me, but they're doing their job. It has helped. Now I'm just wondering when they'll be done, because I'd like to be able to let Kira out whenever she needs, instead of having to make sure no one is out back.

The workers left around 11:45, probably for lunch and I'm unsure when they will be back. Oh well. Good thing there isn't any rain in the forecast, otherwise they would have a hole full of water to deal with.

1 thoughtful comments:

glee said...

How frustrating!

I hate seeing cable/phone/contractor trucks in my neck of the woods, too. They are like the vikings of old. Stop in, ruin everything, and leave. The perimeter of our front yard (since we live on a corner) has been dug up on the average of once a year since we've been here. When I saw how the utilities marked a yard when we put in a shed, there are pipes and wires everywhere! After they did their work, they bury the sod under a couple of feet of clay and rock, throw on the grass seed and a handful of straw. We have weeds in each and every spot they have dug up. There is no winning against them, though.

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