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Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Grout is Drying

I am overjoyed to say that J and I no longer need to drive somewhere to use the restroom. Oh yes, we can once again walk a few steps into our own bathroom and use the facilities. No sink or counter installed as of yet, but that's coming.

Our "new" master bathroom with tile, and it's grouted. (Is that the proper term?) Who knew you could <3 tile. W00t!

C, our landlord is calling a painter to come out as soon as possible and re-texture the master bathroom walls before we put the mirror, counter and sink back in. Since Monday is a holiday, we'll see how soon the guy can get out here. Isn't this exciting? Well, for us it is. We're getting updates here and there, and it's really making a huge difference in the look of this place. I think we might be a bit sad whenever we move into our own home. At least we've experienced some of these projects, so now we will know how to go about doing it in the future.

The guys did a great job on our fireplace. Once C installs the new mantle that he plans on building, it will really be a focal point in the room.

Little steps towards the bigger picture.

1 thoughtful comments:

glee said...

Looking good! I know you'll be pleased when it is all finished!

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