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Friday, September 12, 2008

Enjoy Your Day Mom

I think our birthdays will continue to have mixed emotions tied to them. I remember back in September 2001, the day between our birthdays that changed things forever. We had just talked on the 10th and then 9/11 happened. We talked that day too. How could we not? Then there was the day after. The 12th was your day. Your birthday. Again we talked, it was difficult to be happy, but in a way, we were. Even while we were many miles apart we knew all our family members were safe.

This time, seven years after the chaos I love you even more. I love the mom, teacher, friend, and grandmother you have become. I only hope when I have kids, that I can take the things I learned from you and be a great mother to my own children.

On this day I pray that you can enjoy everything about it. Your class full of students learning new things in a new year. Take a minute and listen to birds flitting about in the cool evening air, you might even catch a glimpse of a hawk or two. Drive down a dirt road, with the trees creating a canopy overhead, their leaves starting to turn. Maybe go visit an apple orchard over the weekend to pick apples, drink some cider and take pictures.

Today is your day. Your birthday. You were a very cute little girl who became a helpful big sister. A role model.

You and Santa.

Sisters enjoying Christmas.

LG, G, and J.

I am grateful to our God for a mother like you. You and Dad provided a loving, nurturing home for C and I. You encouraged our growth and creativity. Never once hindering our dreams.

You taught us how to have a goal, and how to reach for it. Thank you for inspiring us, and helping us understand and truly believe that we could attain anything we wanted to achieve. I'm very thankful that you instilled a love, appreciation, and knowledge of music and art. Along with other skills we learned growing up, art and music pushed our minds further. Thank you for that.

You with me in the hospital.

C, you and I.

C trying to "teach" me how to play the piano.
Being a great big sister.

You always made the best cakes for my birthday!
Winnie the Pooh, Barbie, Wonder Woman...

The girls.

I can almost hear the Doobie Brothers or
Michael McDonald playing on the stereo right now.

One of the many fun trips to go skiing.
Remember how short my little skis were?

Always good to be at Lake Huron.

These past couple years you became a grandmother, which you embrace fully and enjoy. C and P blessed you and Dad with two grand kids. Z the inquisitive two year old, and precious A who will be 1 before we know it.

The newest addition with C and Mom.
Little Miss. A.

What a cuddle bug.

Mr. Z and froggy rain boots for his bday.
Aren't they cute?

J and I love you very much and hope you have a wonderful day!
Happy Birthday Mom!

I love you always and forever.
xoxoxoxox - Hol

2 thoughtful comments:

glee said...

I really enjoy your tributes! The pictures bring back such wonderful memories. Thank you!

Ann(ie) said...

Aight. Kindly stop making me blubber!!!!

Seriously, I think I love your mom. She sounds so awesome. I'm not sure what pic is my fave:

Z and his froggy boots or the both of you with little Miss A.


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