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Friday, September 12, 2008

Here We Go

Not to lessen the importance of my mom's birthday, but I wanted to update those of you who might want to know what's going on.

Hurricane Ike is on his way.

J, Kira and I will be staying put and "hunkering down".

We have water and food, batteries, a hand crank weather radio, camping supplies: camp stoves, a water sterilizer, packages of freeze dried food, a manual can opener, candles, tarps, lots of towels, plastic bags to cover computers, etc...

Our particular area may have issues with wind damage, tornadoes, downed branches and trees, and possibly some high water, but we don't expect the storm surge this far north.

J's office which is only about a mile away, is being set up as a shelter. We plan on staying there tonight for when the storm hits around 1:00 am. They have a generator and a safe room if needed. Other people will be there as well. J and I were a bit concerned about the pine tree and telephone pole in our back yard (right by our bedroom). We didn't want to be trying to sleep and have it come down on the roof or through the windows.

We're doing fine, although Kira is bit worried. She can tell something isn't right. Yes she's coming with us. We couldn't leave her!

We will try to let you know more about things when we can. If we lose power, it may be a few days or even weeks (as the city has stated) before they can get us all back up and running.

Say prayers for the people who chose to stay down in Galveston, and especially our homeless all over the area. I pray they can find room at a shelter.

6 thoughtful comments:

Laura said...

I'll be praying for you guys! Stay safe! xoxo!

Ann(ie) said...

Thinking of you guys. I'm worried about you so post when you can. xoxoxo. Be safe.

Nelda said...

Hello Eone on the blog, we spoke to J and H this morning and they made it through ok, not as much wind and rain as was expecting. They were still at J work, but were going to their house to check things out by way of a big truck.

J's mom

Ann(ie) said...

How nice of you to update us. SO GLAD they are okay!!!!

Burcham Family said...

Hey Hol. So glad that everything seems to be ok. Please post soon so we can hear more!

Hol and J said...

Nelda - Thank you so much for posting so everyone would know what was going on. We just got power back yesterday and then internet about 45 minutes ago. We are so very blessed!

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