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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

One More Year

Today marks a significant occasion. For me at least. It's the first and last time I will be thirty. Did you hear that? Thhhirrrrrty. 3 - 0.

If you didn't already know, I am *cough* vertically challenged. Maybe I should say,
"I'm not short, I'm fun size."
Yes, that sounds more like it. Along with being of smaller stature I look pretty young, so many times I have been mistaken for a teenager or child. I know that isn't always a bad thing, however I can recall a couple times that I would have liked someone to guess a bit older.

One particular time, a hostess (from a well known crab eatery) looked right at me, then proceeded to ask my roommate's mom and dad if I needed a child's menu. Oh the insult! It wasn't so much that she asked if I needed a kid's menu, but more so that she looked right at me, in my eyes and then asked the question. I'm pretty sure my jaw went slack. My roommate's dad paused and then proceeded to tell the hostess that I was 21 years old and in college. The girl just rolled her eyes and huffed as she reached for another adult menu.

Then to make things worse, an older gentleman accidentally leaned against a fire alarm that was "conveniently" placed in the waiting area right at shoulder height. Yep you guessed it, the alarms went off and the hostess had the nerve to get mad at the man. What? None of us could believe how incredibly rude she was. Maybe she was having a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. I wonder what she's doing today. I hope she learned some manners, because at the time it seemed as though no one ever taught her any.

Another instance, a hostess made the assumption that I was a child from my height, only to apologize once she saw my face and realized I wasn't as young as she had thought. That's the right way to handle the situation. I am aware that everyone makes mistakes, and some don't even realize they messed up when it happens.


In a strange way, I somewhat look forward to being 30. I know I'll still look the same as I have this past year, only now I will probably hear, “I can’t believe you’re 30! You don't look 30." That will be a nice benefit from looking young and being shorter.

This birthday is more significant. It's not that I feel “old”, because I don't. I guess that won't happen until I start getting aches and pains that never occurred before (or gray hairs). Thirty is somewhat of a banner that goes up saying, “You're an Adult Now.” Not that 25 or 28 weren't adult enough. I mean, you have to be 25 to rent a car, which is an adult responsibility.

“After thirty, a body has a mind of its own.” - Bette Midler

Other things come with being thirty. There isn't a set rule book or any guidelines that I know of, but goals come to mind. Mostly things I'll want to sit down and think about. And you know what? I'm thirty, and that's okay.

“The body is at its best between the ages of thirty and thirty-five; the mind is at its best about the age of forty-nine.” - Aristotle

3 thoughtful comments:

Biddy said...

happy birthday my friend!!

p-diddy said...

happy birthday sis!!

glee said...

Happy Birthday, Hol! I've been thinking of you all day! I hope you have fun today!

A. G.

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