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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What I Did Today

  • Dropped J off at work.

  • Got car inspected. Nada, there was a tire issue that had to be fixed first.

  • Deposited checks from clients at the bank. Woo hoo!

  • Got car washed and cleaned inside. Too much dog hair.

  • Ran to store for Motrin*.

  • Returned back home to bake. (I made pie dough last night.)

  • Chopped pecans, mixed ingredients and made a pecan pie.

  • Mixed ingredients for pumpkin roll - baked, cooled, mixed filling, added filling.

My first pecan pie. Not bad, but I'm a little sad about the pie shell. I can't believe it fell over on the one side, but it's not always about how it looks. More about the taste, which I'm hoping will be good! I also chopped up the pecans, and they didn't quite float back up to the surface. Oh well.

This is also my first time to make the infamous pumpkin roll. I really hope it turns out. It's one of J's favorites, and me being the little wifey I am, I decided that I needed to make the recipe. Eep!

I've helped my mother-in-law make it before, but she did the "hard" parts. Good grief! It wasn't difficult to mix, bake, and roll up, but after it cooled I realized that I should have put some waxed paper inside my flour sack towel.

The cake part of the roll stuck to the towel, and was really hard to unroll... unpeel. Oh, and then there was the filling. Spreading it out was okay, but rolling it back up was tough. Especially trying to get it tight.

Next year I hope to have a better experience. I don't even know how the pie and roll taste yet, so I'll be crossing my fingers, and toes. (I know how they should taste, so let's hope they hit the mark.)

Tomorrow I will cut up my potatoes, both regular and sweet. Then from there I'll put them into bowls of water, they will be covered and head into the fridge. I'll also make the brine for our turkey. I was going to do it tonight, but there were some unexpected things that delayed it.

After that I'll be on my way to the airport to pick up my parents. I wonder if the day will be slow, or if it will be time for me to get on the road before I realize it. Either way I have lots to do and am excited. Have you guessed that yet?

Have you gotten anything prepared ahead of time? Baked items? Side dishes? Will you have help on Thanksgiving? I'm so thankful that I will.

*J was hurt (minor injury) at his softball game on Monday. One of his teammates tried to catch the same ball he was going for, and the other player didn't call J off, or stop going for it himself. That's like a "Cardinal sin" in baseball/softball. The guy ran into J's calf with his knee, so now J's calf and shin are swollen. He iced it on Monday, but now the muscle is very sore and stiff. Thankfully he wasn't hurt any more than just a deep bruise. The guy who ran into him was around 6' 4" and probably about 150 to 180 lbs. Not overweight, just a big, broad shouldered, linebacker type of guy. Things could have been worse, and I'm very glad they weren't.

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Burcham Family said...

I'm sure everything will taste great! I hope you have a fantastic visit with your family - say hello for me. Happy Thanksgiving!

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