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Saturday, November 1, 2008

What a Week

I became the resident sickie of our house on Tuesday. Yeah, I know. Not fun. Guess working from home has it's disadvantages too; as in not being in contact with sick people so I build up an "immunity" to the bugs going around.

My throat was a little scratchy, and I thought it was just allergies. You know, it's typical this time of year with the cooler drier weather.

My throat was sore on the left side only plus it was swollen and red. I took my temp and it was 101.2 at first and then 99.5 or so after I laid down and waited for a little bit.

Was no better. I had become achy and my fever was still there. Overall I felt the worst I think I have in a long time. Granted that could be situational since it was right then and there. I don't know, I have been achy before, with a sore throat and it wasn't this bad. Just in time for Halloween, I could be one of the walking dead... or at least feel like one.

I went to the doctor as soon as they could get me in, which was at 3:15 PM. Wow, I even called as soon as they were open. Maybe I should have tried walking in. That might have helped.

The appointment. The nice P.A., M who I've had before checked me over and said, 'Oh honey' when she saw my throat and felt the glands in my neck. They were like ping pong balls or... or like gum balls. Let the fun begin! She swabbed my throat. I gagged. That's no surprise when someone sticks an extra long Q-tip in the back of your throat. Off to test for Strep. I'm waiting in an exam room shivering in this freezing doctor's office. Why does that always seem to be the case? - Sick? Check. Sub-zero temps? Check. Strep? [ding! ding! ding!] We have a winner.

Yep, I tested positive for Strep. Let's tell her what she wins! Wheee. P.A. M came back in with two options, a prescription or a shot. Then she said that the penicillin shot was pretty painful, the medicine was thick and overall a "big shot" for someone of my stature.

Hmm, is it worse than a Cortisone shot? I've had one of those years ago when I almost came down with Bronchitis. Yep it is. I thought I'd take that chance since it would work faster and last longer. 14 days of medicine and I'd probably start to feel better by Thursday. Glory!

Then P.A. M said they would have me wait around for 20 minutes after the injection. Why you ask? Oh, only because they've had quite a few people faint after getting the exact same shot. Not from the medicine mind you. I was a little concerned, but being of the D family blood and after having so many allergy shots I figured I'd probably be okay.

The nurse who took my temp came in and kindly warmed the shot in her hands. I like to think... pretend... imagine it helped a little.

Then came the time to bare partial heiney. My arm wasn't an option. I even asked.

Well okay, here goes.

I jokingly told the nurse that I'd try to minimize the amount of crack she'd have to see. Seriously, if I can't find humor in a situation like that, then what good am I? I'd say that's decent for how bad I was feeling. Both the nurse and P.A. M could tell I was miserable - my eyes were a little glassy looking, and I had a fever. Pretty pretty princess huh? I'm thinking I should have dressed up for Halloween a little early, and gone out as a zombie. It would have been perfect, although I doubt they would have appreciated it. Maybe my nurse would have. She was fun.

So I had to lay face down on the table with about 1/3 to 1/4 of the top of my heiney exposed as she gave me the shot. Owie! That stuff WAS thick. The nurse kept asking if I was okay, and I told her I was. I really was, not that I'm in a hurry to experience it again anytime soon. I even told her while she was giving the injection that I had gotten allergy injections for a good part of my life, even though this was nothing like that. She laughed. While still depressing the plunger. I tried to laugh while concentrating on not tensing my muscles. I was somewhat successful with that. Still ended up with a decent sized knot from the medicine.

Once I got home I laid down. After being extremely cold, shivering and uncomfortable from 3:15 to about 4:30 PM I was drained. It may have been an hour after that, although I'm not sure, but I think the medicine started to work. My fever broke. I was wearing fleece pj bottoms and a long sleeve t-shirt top all wrapped up in a blanket to get warm, but then I started sweating. Even after I got out from under the blanket and changed into cooler clothes I continued to sweat. To my surprise, by the time J got home from work I was feeling a little better already.

On the road to progress.

I wasn't achy and didn't have a fever. Thank you God for healing and medicines! I washed our sheets (which J had avoided Wednesday and I can't blame him) along with another load of clothes in the hottest water possible. I sterilized what I could and sprayed Lysol on doorknobs or dipped things like toothbrushes in rubbing alcohol and then hot water.

Friday - Happy Halloween!:
My throat is barely sore! I can even swallow without wincing. Woo hoo! Oh penicillin you amazing drug you. Even though you came as a very painful shot, and my bottom still hurts a little I'm thankful for you. I'm also glad I don't have a 100.3 to 102.7 fever like I did Tues and Wed, and that I'm not achy with chills anymore either.

The glands in my neck are still a little swollen but I bet they will reduce in the next day or two.

Today our plan is to drive to meet our friend E and his wife B (who are expecting). Squeee! Then all four of us are camping next week in the Ozarks like we did two years ago in October. I was beginning to think that I should tell J to go without me even though I would miss being there. Hey, I was sick. Now it looks like we should be able to go as planned. Yea!

I'm sure I'll have stories, hopefully some pictures and we'll be refreshed to start another haul at our workplaces. Best of all? There will only be about three weeks until my parents get here for Thanksgiving.

Kira says 'woof!' *hello* and she's excited to be going camping too. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

4 thoughtful comments:

Laura said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better! Praise the Lord for medicine! And have fun on the trip!

Biddy said...

oh dude...i think my stupid man nurse pulled my shot right out of the freezer! my rear STILL hurts!

sigh...but it really is great isn't it?

glad you're feeling better doll!

Ann(ie) said...

OH sweetie. Strep bites. SO glad you are feeling better!!!! Have fun camping!!

Burcham Family said...

Did you go camping yet?

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