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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Verrry Interesting

I saw this on Friday at MamaPop, and thought I would include it here. So, did Coldplay rip part of Joe Satriani's If I Could Fly?

If I Could Fly - Joe Satriani

Viva La Vida - Coldplay

Here's a better look at it. The two songs have been meshed together. This doesn't mean it is entirely correct, nor am I rooting for either side. I happen to think both artists/bands have their own strengths, and weaknesses as well. Satriani is more talented in my opinion, but we're not talking about that right now are we? This is about someone ripping off another artist.

If Viva Could Fly La Vita - mesh

It does seem like they heard Joe Satriani's song, liked the sound and used it as their own. Hmm.

MamaPop said, 'I think Satriani is being generous when he states that the song borrows "substantial original portions."'

As others have stated, maybe Satriani and Coldplay should get together and do the song(s) as a mix. It would give them both publicity and could end this lawsuit. That said, I wonder if the suit is worth it. Some would argue that this is over a few notes or chords. Others say it's more than that, more like a big chunk of a song that has been lifted. I don't have the whole story, or the details behind all the accusations so I'll leave it to the people involved. They're really the only ones who know the truth.

If you look back in history and listen to other songs, many have similar rifts or chords. Just about every musician, artist, rock star, singer, composer, author, designer, etc. was inspired by someone else and their work. Being inspired by something, making it better but still different and your own work is flattery when done properly. Copying something and not putting your own soul into it is cheap, unimaginative, and illegal.

Hopefully this matter will be resolved. Peacefully? I'm not sure. People are so money-hungry that suing someone is like a hobby these days. It would be nice for the two parties involved to be grown-up about the whole thing. If indeed Coldplay made a mistake (known or unknown), then they should give credit where it is due and apologize. If not, then let's shake hands, make up, and play nice.

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