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Friday, January 30, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

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1. I was born in September (about two months early), weighing 2 lbs and 10 oz. I didn't leave the hospital until after Halloween or sometime in November. I returned a few more times because of Bronchitis and other illnesses.

2. I do not like roaches. They didn't seem to bother me during college when I only saw a few per year. Now that we're in Houston [Read: humid] we find about 2+ per week sneaking into the house from our garage during the spring and summer. They're the big "water roaches" that love our pine trees. Oh, I'm so glad we have two pines in our yard. (Yeah right.)

3. My favorite holiday is Halloween. I love the colors, the weather, kids dressed up as scarecrows, ghosts, ladybugs, etc. I really love the smell of jack-o-lanterns as they get toasty on the inside from a candle.

4. (Related to #3.) Although I love Halloween, I can't stand horror movies. I will not watch them and thankfully J doesn't like them either. We're a perfect match in that aspect. :)

5. I really want to have my own garden. I'd like it to be organic, at least as much as possible. Along with that I'd also have a compost pile to avoid throwing plant matter and other appropriate waste in the trash. Hopefully we'll have room to do it someday, but for now I can start with containers.

6. I own my own business. HRD Design. I work out of my office at home where I am the principal graphic designer, owner/president, accountant, boss, receptionist, saleswoman, etc. How cool is that? Talk about multitasking. ;)

7. When we have children (hopefully not too far in the future), I plan on caring for them while I still work from home doing graphic design. That's even if I need to work part-time for a while. I hope I will be able to figure out how to do that at least.

8. (Related to #4.) I already said that J and I don't like horror movies. I don't really care for chick flicks either, but we both love Kung-Fu and martial art films. Honestly, I think in some small way that's why J fell in love with me and we got married. *Only kidding!* Sort of.

9. I have a homemade dimple below the corner my right eye on the high point of my cheek. Making it wasn't fun. I had on a pair of new rubber bottomed dress shoes when I was about 5 or 6. The shoes stuck to the carpet on our stairs and I continued on down. I proceeded to rub the side of my face against the wall as I tumbled. My mom ran to get me, set me on the counter top and asked me if I could count how many fingers she was holding up. My sister whispered "two!" in my ear, so I repeated her and said "two" to my mom. Yes, I could tell my mom was holding two fingers up, but I still repeated my sister. No concussion thankfully, but when my abrasion healed it left me with a dimple that still shows when I smile.

10. I use to play the flute and piano. I always wanted to play drums, but wasn't allowed because it was too noisy. I haven't played flute or piano in years, so I'm pretty rusty. I wonder if I could still remember notes and chords.

11. I am fairly indecisive about certain things. It's a bad habit, but I've been getting better about making definitive choices. When it comes down to what to eat for dinner or where to go I may pick a couple things and say "either one is good with me". Sheesh, gotta get better about that!

12. I enjoy most anything creative. Drawing, painting, making jewelry, coloring, sculpting, dancing, singing, playing music, gardening. I use to have a sensory aversion to drawing with charcoal, since it was so "dirty" and sometimes felt like dragging fingernails across a chalkboard. Fortunately I got over that in college, and learned to enjoy the freshness and freedom of the medium.

13. I am left handed and fortunately haven't had any injuries related to it. I use my right hand with scissors, and computer mice. When trying to learn/teach myself to play the guitar, I realized that I strum with my left and press the strings with my right. (Did you know that Jimi Hendrix, Paul McCartney, Kurt Cobain, and Mac Powell were/are all left-handed guitarists?)

14. I absolutely love stop-motion animation (aka: Claymation). I even co-wrote, produced, directed, animated, and filmed a stop-motion animation short in my high school video productions course. I did it with my friend Melissa R. We called our production company Mel-Hol Productions. The animation was composed of about 4 short stories that had different clay characters. My character was a sun with arms, legs, and a face. Thinking about that makes me want to make another film. If only I had an 8mm or other video recorder.

15. I love just about every Tim Burton movie. My favorites are of course his stop-motion films (related to #14). The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Corpse Bride are among the top two. Edward Scissorhands, and the remake of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street were good as well.

16. I have one piece of "art". I didn't just go out on a whim and get it. It took me about 3 years to decide on the design (which I of course I had to draw). It's a Celtic knot, very much like a Trinity symbol. My dad knows about it. He really wasn't happy at the time, but was curious and asked to see it. I think my mom knows, but every time I think about asking or telling her, it's always a holiday. Eek! I don't want to create an issue or ruin the time together. Yeah, I know I need to stop being so concerned about it.

17. (Somewhat related to #16) Celtic is properly pronounced [ kel-tic ] not [ sel-tic ].
I found this info on a Celtic history site:
The most common convention is to always pronounce it with a hard "c" ("keltic") except when using it as a proper noun (e.g. Celtic Football Club, Boston Celtics, The Anglo-Celt newspaper). In Irish, "c" is always pronounced hard, like the letter "k" which is never used in Irish words. The Greeks were the first to write about the Celts, using the word "Keltoi", which suggests that the hard sound is also historically accurate.

18. I love hockey and have always wished I could play. Since I haven't found a team for women, and doubt that I will here in Texas, I substitute that with watching the sport as often as possible. J and I watched the Detroit Red Wings vs. the Chicago Black Hawks on TV in the NHL Winter Classic at Wrigley Stadium. We were both sick with colds on the couch, but enjoyed watching every minute of it.

19. I would love to visit Ireland and Scotland to see the countryside, architecture, art, and see if my family had ancestors there.

20. I am intrigued with skulls or skeletons on clothing/stickers/bags. The ones I like are mostly hand-drawn or sketched looking, cartoon like, or cute. I don't care for gory "scary" looking ones. Think of Jack Skellington, and Skelanimals. I know I'm a little odd, but it doesn't bother J. He even got me a black and red striped scarf / glove set with little skull and crossbones on them. They look cute with my Navy pea coat.

21. I actually like snakes, lizards, and geckos, but can't stand spiders. Big difference there! I grew up "playing" with garter/garden snakes at my cousin's house in Michigan. We even have pictures of it. I had a really unfortunate haircut, and a love-erly purple sweat-suit on with a pink plastic belt. Yeah, I laugh at myself when I see the picture too. 80's child all the way.

22. In my Vertebrates class in high school, my lab partner and I raised a cute, and very smart little white mouse that we named Palatka. I had asked a friend for everyday words in Russian so we could pick a name. He provided a list, written in Russian and also with the words spelled phonetically in English. We liked Palatka ( Шатер / or / палатка ) which is Russian for tent, so our little mouse was named "tent".

23. He Man and the Masters of the Universe was one of my favorite TV shows as a child. My mother use to drive me absolutely crazy by repeating the main line:

I have the power!

It made me so upset that I would either turn the volume of the TV down all the way (since we didn't have mute back in the day), or I would shut it off for that line and turn it back on once it was over. Oh, what a silly little girl I was.

24. I use to be really scared of elevators. It wasn't that I couldn't go on them, I was just afraid that the doors would close on me or someone else. When we would go to our Allergist or somewhere else with an elevator, my dad would stick his arm or hand in the way of the doors. Most of the time I would get panicky and try to pull him away, or I would cry. I didn't realize at the time that he was trying to show me that the doors would not close on him. They had a sensor to keep that from happening, but it still upset me (I wouldn't watch him). I don't freak out now thankfully.

25. I have a snowboard, but it is still at my parent's house in their basement. I haven't used it since high school, unfortunately. I have been skiing since then during college with J while he visited Michigan one winter. We plan on going skiing again sometime (hopefully soon), or taking a class in snowboarding so we can both do it together.

2 thoughtful comments:

Ann(ie) said...

I'm with you!! Horror movies make me pee my pants! OH and we need to chat in the next few months b/c you are officially hired to create my birth announcements if you're willing???? (say yes) :)

Hol and J said...

Yes, yes, yes! :)

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