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Monday, February 2, 2009

What about the babies?

Who was more insane? The single mother, her parents, or the doctors?

"Hundreds of requests have been made since Nadya Suleman gave birth to six boys and two girls a week ago, said Joann Killeen, president of Killeen Furtney Group, a public relations company.

'She’s the most sought-after mom in the world right now,” Killeen said. “Everyone wants to talk to her.' "

Hmm, I wonder why that is.

Maybe they want to know why she would have eight babies, from an unknown donor after already having six children from the same donor, and all while being a single mother. It may also have something to do with her living with her parents who are having financial difficulties bankrupt.

What kind of woman with six children under the age of eight has eight frozen embryos implanted and gives birth to octuplets?

Perhaps it's because the doctors should never have implanted all eight eggs in the first place. Meanwhile, those same doctors are being investigated. Reason being, couples who see doctors for fertility drugs or in-vitro fertilization rarely have more than 4 to 6 eggs or embryos implanted at one time. There are regulations, but it seems as though someone didn't follow protocol.

Who thought that implanting eight fertilized eggs would be a good idea for anyone? Seriously people.

Nadya Suleman's mother is so upset about the situation that she said she will have moved out by the time her daughter returned from the hospital.

That is very sad, but many times people put these situations on themselves. I hope she can take care of her now fourteen (yes, 14) children successfully, and properly. I hope the children will have safe, healthy, and "normal" lives.

I understand that Nadya Suleman "loooves" children and that's why she decided to have them on her own, but I am concerned about their well-being. At what point does CPS need to step in? Hopefully not when it's too late or when the situation has gone from bad to worse. Like one article stated, she could have just been a kindergarten teacher if she loved kids so much.

Being a single parent of one or two children must be hard enough. We're talking about fourteen here, with a 33 year old mother. Chances are that it will be very difficult to care for so many children, even if Nadya does receive assistance.

I hope something good will come of all this. For everyone involved.

4 thoughtful comments:

Ann(ie) said...

ug. This story gets on my last nerve! I still cannot believe it!

reef said...

she should have listened to her doctor and terminated a most of the embryo's.

Hol and J said...

Ann - I agree. It's unfortunate that she didn't help other women/couples who were trying to have children by offering the frozen embryos. Seems kind of selfish, but then again I'm on the outside looking in.

Another possibility, albeit a very difficult one, would be to let families adopt some of the babies once they are healthy and old enough.

I know that I'm not in the situation and they're not my children, but it seems like a way to provide them a safe, secure, happy and healthy life.

Hol and J said...

reef - If I read the numerous articles correctly, I believe that Nadya's moral/ethical/religious beliefs were against terminating any of the embryos. That said, it was her choice to make even if the doctor(s) suggested otherwise.

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