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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Shepard Fairey Styled Posters

(Frank) Shepard Fairey with what looks
to be a poster of Johnny Cash.

Create your own stylized image, inspired by Shepard Fairey's iconic posters at Obamacon.Me

Yep that's me. I have to admit it's a little scary looking.

Not quite as nice as
Fairey's work with the hatch marks is it? Too bad. Maybe I'll have to try and create my own with AI, or even cut paper.

The images that you can create, reflect the style of Fairey's posters and various images for President-Elect Barack Obama (as seen above). Such wonderful use of simple colors, negative space, and simplified imagery.

Shepard Fairey is probably best known for his OBEY posters and stickers. I don't really support everything he stands for, or believes, but I do like his art.

Imagry steming from the original
'Andre The Giant Has a Posse' posters and stickers.

This is more of a close-up on Andre's face. Fairey had to stop using the original image and name "Andre the Giant" for legal reasons. He switched to the image and text above. The "OBEY" slogan was a parody of propaganda.

Shepard Fairey has also done some other great pieces for civil rights leaders, basketball players, causes, and books.

I'd love to have copies of these novels, or any for that matter with artwork like this. The textures are so prominent, and the graphic style is so simple yet very complex.

They are so much better in my opinion, than the older versions of Orwell's 1984 that I remember.

This one in particular, is likely from the same cover art as the copy I had in high school.

Fairey was asked to create this poster for Kobe Bryant. I'm enjoying the color choice and how different it is from many of his other pieces. These pieces make me think of linoleum or wood-cuts.

Especially important for yesterday, Fairey created this image to be used in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. and to use part of it on google.com's banner.

I'm excited to see what new things Shepard Fairey comes up with during 2009.

1 thoughtful comments:

mommiebear2 said...

Well that is neat to know that he created that MLK google banner, I even noticed it yesterday and thought how neat-o it looked.

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