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Friday, January 16, 2009


I'm excited for this movie to reach theaters. Have you heard about it? Have you seen the trailer? What about the mysterious boxes that have been sent to various bloggers and other people? How neat would it be to be gifted one of those? I think it would be great!

The movie itself looks wonderful, and may become one of my favorites along with The Nightmare Before Christmas, and The Corpse Bride. I like James and the Giant Peach, along with a few others, but I tend to like the styles presented by Mr. Tim Burton. Oh yes, very much so.

You see, I love Claymation, also known as stop-motion. The fact that many of the movies I enjoy are by Tim Burton does have something to do with it (of course), but it's also about the media they are presented in. Stop-motion fascinates me. It always has. Tim knows that it is an art form. He understands it is important to keep it "alive", and he does a fantastic job of it. I hope he will inspire others to learn this trade so they can continue to grace us with it's magic.

This new movie, Coraline is coming out on February 6th, 2009, and is based on the best-selling children's story by Neil Gaiman. It is directed by Henry Selick, who was asked by Tim Burton to direct The Nightmare Before Christmas, and who also directed James and the Giant Peach. To me that gives this film hope, and I can already tell I'll enjoy it. My though is that if Selick was able to direct Nightmare in a way that Tim Burton approved of, (just look how well it turned out!) I think Coraline will do very well. The animation company that worked on this film is LAIKA out of Portland, Oregon. They will present Coraline as the first stop-motion feature that was shot in stereoscopic 3D.

If you haven't heard much about Coraline, please go take a look at the web site. It is very interactive, and rich with content. At least view the trailer, and then on February 6th, go watch what looks to be a very entertaining and captivating movie.

You can even create your own flower in the garden while you're there. This is the one I made. Don't you just love the button in the center?

4 thoughtful comments:

mommiebear2 said...

Whats up girlie?? I totally want to see this ~ we saw the previews when we took the kids to see Hannah Montana in 3-d, very neat-o. How about that My Bloody Valentine in 3-D? Eek!!

Hol and J said...

Coraline looks great doesn't it? Heh. J and I won't be going to see My Bloody Valentine. No surprise since neither of us likes horror movies.

Dana said...

I'm excited about Coraline too! The book was GREAT and is right up the alley of Selick and Burton. It can be dark-ish but overall, very good! Let me know if need someone to see it with!

Suzio said...

I haven't heard of this movie, where have I been! I'll have to check it out!

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