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Monday, January 5, 2009

There's Nothing Like

a cold and a congested cough that says Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

That's what J and I have been dealing with since we got back home from Christmas with family. Actually, many of us in the family have been dealing with it. A family that stays together for Christmas, gets sick together. Funny thing? This isn't the first time.

Let me just tell you, it's not fun, especially when you and your husband (J) need to sleep in separate rooms just so you both can fall asleep. Mostly because I was coughing so much I was keeping us both up. Sorry babe!

Yes, it's the cough with the constant tickle that makes you cough even more. Sometimes it's dry, and other times it's congested. Tons of fun right here in our little home.

So, I have a cough and congestion while J has had a sore throat and a fever. We made quite the pair on New Year's Eve. Those pictures with sparklers? Heh, they were actually from the 4th of July. I thought they'd be appropriate for New Year's, instead of showing us both in our jammies on the couch looking pitiful.

Last night and today J feels like he's getting congested. What a bummer! I even had a slight fever on Saturday night. Thankfully that was short lived, and by morning I was back to the normal "tickle cough".

We want to be well so we can function normally and not have to miss out on regular daily events. I was sad to miss church and Life Group yesterday, but I was thinking of everyone. I'm on medication now, so hopefully it will kick this bug, or whatever it is in the tail. Be gone nasty cough! Go away stuffy head and nose!

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