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Monday, February 23, 2009

Back in the Saddle

I'm just now getting back into the swing of things at home and at work. Which I guess could be considered one in the same, since I office from home. On the other hand, home and work are totally separate. I keep all work related things in my office, and try to get things like laundry or dishes done started in the morning before I get involved with work.

J and I had been out of town part of last week to visit my grandparents. Thankfully my grandpa came home on Tuesday, so we were able to spend Wednesday and the rest of the week with him. I was actually surprised that his doctors let him go home so soon. He probably could have stayed in the hospital a few more days to really get back on his feet, but by Thursday and Friday he was doing quite well.

He is now on a low/no sodium diet with various medications and breathing treatments. In addition to all that he has a home care nurse and a physical therapist coming a couple times a week. We are all praying that he and my grandma will be able to follow the diet and manage the medications, since they will make a big difference with his heart and fluid/toxin buildup.

We also were able to see my parents that week. I know everyone enjoyed the company. A highlight for my grandma? My mom and I took her to a local tea room for lunch. It was good to get her out and have her mind on something else for a change, while J, my dad and my grandpa visited at home and had some homemade soup.

J and I were also able to visit his parents Sat and Sun. It had been since Christmas that we had gotten together with them. Needless to say, we were glad to be back home late last night, but sad to leave family.

Today has been busy, but not too hectic. I had one client completely change their mind about an invitation.


It's disappointing for someone to like your idea(s), as well as the rough draft you create for them... but one single person quite rudely chimes in and has the whole concept tossed out (and they aren't even in charge as far as I know).

Take note clients (future clients):

It is in your best interest, not to forward an impolite email from one of your coworkers to me, the designer who is working on your project. Especially since that person wasn't involved with me to begin with. Better idea? Call the designer instead of emailing them such a volatile message, so you can explain what has transpired and what changes need to be made. You can save face and look more like a professional.

Meh. To each his own. As long as I can get the job done, and they pay what they owe me I'll be fine with it.

Another client has some revisions for sketches, but I expected that. I also gained another project and am waiting for information so I can begin work. Not bad for a Monday.

1 thoughtful comments:

glee said...

Thanks for all you did for your grandparents, your parents and for me. Thanks for giving your grandmother a wonderful gift. She has talked about going to a teahouse every time I've been there, but we've only gone once--long, long ago.

As for the poor showing of your client, when you did work for my group, we had one naysayer, who seemed to think his job was to criticize whatever we had done. I asked him exactly what he wanted done differently and he was stumped. He had no plans, but felt perfectly comfortable blasting away at other people's plans. I wasn't sure what to do, but went forward anyway, trusting that you'd make the end product work, which it did. Everyone was pleased and happy.

The moral to that story is that some people take a lesson from television shows and feel that their job on earth is to bless others with criticism. When you think about it, it is a pretty lousy gift, so move on. You have a true gift. I've seen it and wish I could send more work your way.

End of sermon.

At least for this time :-)

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