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Saturday, February 14, 2009

❤ I Love You ❤

I love you because:

❤ You like ice cream in the middle of winter.

❤ You hold my hand in the car.

❤ You cuddle with me in the mornings before we have to get up.

❤ You are cute.

❤ You provide for our family.

❤ You give the best hugs.

❤ You like the same types of movies I do.

❤ You support me being a freelance graphic designer.

❤ You like my cooking.

❤ You tell me you like my cooking.

❤ You listen to my stories, even when I get off track.

❤ You don't laugh too much once I realize it.

❤ You put up with all my idiosyncrasies.

❤ You taught me how to two-step.

❤ You gave me purple carnations & "Grape Ape" when we first started dating.

❤ You had the flowers and purple ape delivered to my Information Design class.

❤ You got them because it was my birthday.

❤ You are so thoughtful.

❤ You like when I scratch your back.

❤ You make me smile.

❤ You have an honest heart.

❤ You take spiders outside when I find them in the house.

❤ You don't make fun of me for acting like a little girl around spiders or roaches.

❤ You have good taste in music.

❤ You like it when I rub the back of your neck when you're driving.

❤ You don't hog the remote.

❤ You have a caring spirit.

❤ You still get excited when you open presents.

❤ You have planned how to protect us if something were to happen.

❤ You are a dedicated manager at work, who everyone loves.

❤ You make me so proud.

❤ You are good with kids.

❤ You are a fun uncle.

❤ You will be a great daddy some day.

❤ You love watching Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Goonies with me.

❤ You reach the top shelves when I can't.

❤ You have a cute laugh.

❤ You have the cutest nose.

❤ You are still the same man I fell in love with 10 years ago.

Happy Valentine's Day J.
I love you always and forever!

1 thoughtful comments:

Ann(ie) said...

awwww! Definitely sounds like a keeper. I wish Mateo and I liked the same movies. He woooed me with chick flicks when we were dating and now won't go near one!

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