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Monday, February 16, 2009

Working Late

Wow. I just finished up some work that is due tomorrow. Yes it's 11:00 PM. My normal work hours are 8 AM to 5 PM, but when I have deadlines I do what I have to in order to get things done. That doesn't mean my clients can call me at all hours though. I have to draw the line somewhere.


One item I am working on is a corporate invitation for a company's open house. My deadline tomorrow is for the general layout. I'll continue to work on it after tomorrow, adding images and copy as they are given to me, and tweaking things to finalize the overall design. This invitation needs to be printed the first or second week of March, and then sent overseas to employees and clients in time for them to get passports and flights to the states for the event the first weekend of May.

The other immediate item was a 4 foot by 25 foot banner. I actually had to reduce the size of it by 50%. The layout and distiller programs I use and output .pdf files from would not allow me to exceed 300 inches. Talk about having to do some creative problem solving and researching to figure that mess out.

Along with those projects I have a few others.

This one is another invitation. It's for a couple who are getting married. It should be fun to create. I've always enjoyed designing invitations and announcement cards. They don't necessarily pertain to weddings either. Some announcements have been for the births of babies. Those are a lot of fun too, especially when I can put personality into the design.

The next is a logo design for a new baby sling. I created a logo for the same company with their original sling, and now since they are adding a new sling to their product line I will be designing the logo for it as well. Fun! I sent them a scan of my sketches on Friday, so I hope to hear a positive reaction, even if there is tweaking to be done.

I also have a project lined up to do a package design for a product. This one is waiting on the owner to decide what they want to do. Also we're waiting for the manufacturer/printer as well as the purchaser of the product in Australia to make some choices. The purchaser needs to decide what quantity they want the product in. Right now a 10 or 20 pack is what we're deciding on. After that the purchaser will need to inform me if I can leave the UPC code area blank for all the countries where the package will be sold. There are 25+ stores in various countries such as Australia, Ireland, Spain, and France that will sell the product. Pretty cool don't you think?

Needless to say, my blog posts haven't contained a lot of substance lately (other than the news about my grandfather). I've been busy, and that's a wonderful thing!

2 thoughtful comments:

Chris H said...

*I hope the family get together went well... and your grandfather continues to improve.
Maths: I dropped it when I was 14 as I simply COULD NOT DO IT! I am thankful every day to the person who invented calculators!

glee said...

Good to see you are so busy. I know how creative you are. I know your clients are lucky to have you on the job.

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