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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rain in the Valley

Thankfully I was able to sleep in a little this morning. It helped quite a bit since I had been up so late last night. I felt a little icky at first when I woke up from the lack of sleep. That soon faded and I was able to get back to work.

I found out a little while ago from my sweet mom-in-law N, that my sister-in-law K's granddad, died yesterday as a result from a stroke he had last Thursday. K, I'm sorry to hear about your granddad, and I hope you'll let us know if there is anything J and I can do to help.

When it rains, it pours.

Seasons likes these, down in the valley are when we may be challenged most. Many times though, we will come out stronger on the other side. We need to remember to look back and say to ourselves,

Man that was such a low point and it stunk, but we survived. God is faithful and He held us up, even when we felt like we were alone in the dark. Truth is, we weren't. He was lighting our path and guiding us, even if we couldn't see the way at first.

I haven't heard from my family regarding my Aunt G. and her heart catheterization. Hopefully I will hear something soon, and I'll update what I can once I know.

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