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Monday, March 23, 2009

A Few Thoughts

I had to work late tonight. It's not what I had planned, but there are times when you do what you have to do.

Right now I am waiting to hear back from my client. Yes it's 11:47 pm and I'm about to send an email to say that I'm going to call it a night. My work hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday just like most everyone else. After 5:30 p.m., work is considered "overtime" or "after hours".

Seriously folks.

They can contact me tomorrow morning, even though they said they would tonight (as of the last phone call at about 10:15 pm).

While I've been waiting, I have also been thinking. Other than work I'm contemplating about what's been going on, and how I haven't been able to update much here.

• • •

Last week D, better known by friends and family as "KP" died. He was a father and a husband. Years ago he and his wife had a son, who died young. I'm not sure of all the details, but I'll just say this family has been through a lot.

When I was in a youth chorus back in middle and high school, D's daughter, S was also in the chorus. She was in high school when they found out she had a brain tumor. I don't recall right now if it was cancerous or not, but the doctors operated and she recovered. Now she's married and has children of her own.

KP was involved in this same chorus, but as a board member of the group. His younger daughter, K was not in chorus while I was, but later once I was in college, I believe she was a part of the group.

Tragedy struck again for their family when K was found to also have a brain tumor like her older sister S had. It was cancerous, and the doctors operated to remove it. I believe they also gave her Chemo treatments. It seemed as though the cancer was in remission, but in about 2004 it came back aggressively in her lungs.

K was a fighter and did her best to beat the disease. When she was 21, the cancer did not let up. She was taking medications and being given morphine to help reduce the pain, especially in her back but it wasn't helping much. She could barely sleep because of the pain.

In 2005 she married a young man who had fallen in love with her during high school. Her wedding was beautiful and she was beautiful. It was a blessing that she and her husband were able to enjoy such a wonderful occasion with their families. Sadly, just five days after her wedding, K died. Now she is at peace without any pain.

Back to last week. D found out not too long after K's illness that he too had a brain tumor, and it was cancerous. Doctors believed that there was some genetic connection with all three of them. D fought, and suffered for the last four years. We will all miss him, but are thankful that he is reunited with K now and isn't suffering any longer.

I feel deeply for D's wife N, and their oldest daughter S. I can't imagine the pain of dealing with children and a husband battling cancer and brain tumors, and then losing two as a result. My heart goes out to them, and I pray that they will find strength and peace during this time.

• • •

On a more personal note, I found out that my Aunt G. will be having a heart catheterization (sp?) tomorrow. I am praying that the doctors will have steady hands, clear minds and that everything will go successfully. I also pray that G and her family won't worry too much, and that she will not have a lot of pain as a result of the proceedure.

We love you G and will talk to you soon.

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