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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday's Five Things - 3/19/09

Five Things I love - 3/19/09

• I love the sight of

The seeds I planted, sprouting.

• I love the sound of

Little ones from our Kindergarten Bible class
singing the books of the New Testament.

• I love the feel of

Helping children read.

• I love the taste of

Chicken Spaghetti for dinner.

• I love the smell of

Dirt and grass after a rain.

What things do you love?

3 thoughtful comments:

Chris H said...

I love the sound of ..The Dixie chicks playing loudly!
I love the feel of a snuggly baby in my arms.
I love the taste of watermelon.
I love the smell of freshias.

I could go on and on... bet you could too!

Hol and J said...

Chris - I like your additions. Snuggly babies are great! Watermelon, mmm. I can't wait to have some (in the states) this summer.

Dana said...

I LOVE that you love the feeling of helping children read!

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