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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Barbara Michelle Jacobs - Beauty in Imperfection

If you can't tell by now, I love handmade jewelry. There's something so rustic, yet beautiful about it. I took a jewelry metals course in college and instantly fell in love. My professor thought I had a talent for it as well, even though it wasn't my major. (Graphic Design was - and still is if you think about it.)

One of these days I'll complete my collection of silversmithing equipment that I need to get back into what I started. While I may not be able to weld and cast silver or other metals right now, I can at least create with chain, wire and semiprecious stones. That has been fun, and I need to get back into doing it more.

• • •

There is another great contest going on. You have until April 13th at midnight to visit Marvelous Kiddo and enter to win these beautiful rings from Barbara Polinsky.

They are from Barbara's Beauty in Imperfection collection, and can be seen on her Etsy shop. Take a look at her other pieces too, they're beautiful!

Have fun looking at everything and good luck!

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