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Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy Star Wars Day!

Earlier this morning I found out that today is Star Wars Day. Why, you might ask? That's because it's May 4th and was declared as Star Wars Day.

Enter the cheese and bad puns:

“May the 4th/fourth be with you”, but most of you know it as “May the force be with you”.
Tee hee!

Some ways you can celebrate:

• Learn more about Star Wars species, planets and other things by checking out Wookiepedia.

• Take a look at Twitter. It's filled with Star Wars Day tweets.

Firemen in Britain are even getting in on the Star Wars action, although for different reasons.

• Have a Star Wars movie marathon. Watch all six, or just the first three IV, V and VI.

• Watch these trailers, commercials and bloopers.

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