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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Today was the day

We finally found a good deal on new cell phones, and we even changed our plan to a national long-distance one instead of just local in-state calls.

[It was about time too.]

For whatever reason J and I originally thought that if we called anyone [read: family members] with Verizon plans, they wouldn't charge us long distance. We were wrong. Now we have a better plan with the amount of minutes we will use instead of having an excess that doesn't "rollover" each month.

J has been with Verizon since before we were married, so when we added me on as another line the plan stayed the same. We've had a "grandfathered" status, where our price stayed the same for the 1000 or so minutes, even though the current plans for the same price would only give you 700 minutes. Decreasing our minutes would have cost the same, or more and it really didn't make any sense to change it.

Our two year contract was up and we wanted to get new phones, and change our plan. Thankfully J didn't go fishing/swimming with his last phone (again). Yeah, that's another story. It involved a fishing pole getting pulled into the ocean surf, J jumping into chest deep water without thinking about what was in his pockets. Phone, keys, wallet… but he saved the fishing pole which is a good thing. That phone was toast and unfortunately he didn't have insurance on it. The last one did, but of course nothing ever happened to it. Murphy's Law I guess.


Back to today. We decided that since most of my family members are out of state, it would benefit us to go with the national long-distance plan instead of the one we had. I talk to my parents at least once a month if not more and some of those calls are 30 minutes up to an hour or more. I'm not complaining though. I enjoy the conversations, and I feel like I'm closer to my parents now than I have been in a long time. Those teenage years were tough on all of us.


We looked at lots of phones. We knew we wanted touch screens if possible, and if they weren't too expensive. Thankfully the handful of phones we found had rebates, basically a buy one get one free. Score!

We decided on the LG Voyager. It's a bit longer than we would typically want, but the features are nice, plus getting two for the price of one is a big plus! I won't go into all the details, but if you want, you can take a look at the Verizon site or do a search for the phone to read about it.

2 thoughtful comments:

glee said...

Good! Now I can expect to hear from you more often :-D

Aren't phone contracts a pain to decide on? We got free unlimited texting because you know who was going to college and that has come in handy. Before, we had roll-over minutes, but $ texting.

The contracts change terms and I never understand much about them, but it is nice to have a phone.

I guess.

Ann(ie) said...

sweet!!! I'm still trying to get my blackberry pearl to break so I can get a new one. That thing will probably last forever!!!!! ug.

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