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Friday, May 15, 2009

You would have thought I was crazy.

Last night J had two softball games to play. Now before you ask why I didn't go watch, let me say that I do sometimes. I like to support him and cheer on his team. Some nights the games are late, or I need to work on projects. Those times I stay home with Kira. J and I both agree that each of us needs to have a time away with our close friends. I have Bunco with the ladies once a month and he plays softball with the guys on Thursday nights. Maybe one of these days I can find some women who want to play softball or something else active. I think it would be fun.

I have to be honest. Yesterdsay I really wanted to watch the Red Wings hockey game versus the Anaheim Ducks. At first I forgot that J had softball, and I had originally figured we could go watch the game somewhere. (We don't have cable, and don't get Detroit games down here in Texas.) Then when I remembered about J's games, so I thought I'd try to find streaming video of the Wings' game online. Previous times trying to do this I had been unsuccessful, but then again I had only looked a few places.

J left for his games, and I made myself a baked potato for dinner. I started searching for "live hockey video", "live streaming hockey", "streaming hockey games", "Red Wings streaming games". This was my lucky night. I don't remember which search worked, but I finally found Game 7 live and streaming online.


Laugh if you want but Red Wings hockey is important in this household. At least to me it is. J is starting to get there, even if he taunts me that he'll get a Dallas Stars jersey and wear it. I say he will have to fight me over that.

[I wouldn't fight him, but I'd surely give him a hard time.]

You see, I was born and raised in Michigan. My blood runs red and white, with a little blue and maize thrown in there too! *cough*UofM*cough* Red Wings games aren't just sport, they're part of my culture, a way of life.

Over the past 11 or so years I haven't been able to watch very many Red Wings games, and it's been painful. I can't see why the state of Texas doesn't embrace hockey the way I'd like it to.


During college I was at a semi-pro hockey game (one of the slowest moving hockey games I've ever seen) and I overheard someone say,

'You know, Texas and hockey just go together. They were meant to be.'

[Oh really? You think so?]

I had to laugh, and then keep myself from enlightening the "fan" that,

Actually, Texas and hockey really don't 'go together'. They're not like 'peas and carrots'. They're as close as I am to 6' tall.

People who live in Texas or other southern/warm states typically don't grow up playing hockey, unless they play at an indoor rink. Those from Michigan, Canada, Illinois, Colorado and other northern/colder climate states have winter weather 4 to 6 months out of the year. They have snow and ice outside and lean towards "winter sports". For that reason, the people in these areas generally participate a bit more in things such as skiing, snowboarding, hockey, sledding, ice skating, building snowmen, snow forts, snow balls… you get the picture.

I've been a Red Wings fan since middle school, when I first had interest in the sport and understood it. I remember the Wings being in the playoffs and having a really rough year. There was no chance for the Stanley Cup after a few games. No matter, I still loved my boys. I'm not a fair weather fan.

So once again last night, I could feel my roots grab hold. I was ecstatic to find a hockey game, let alone a Red Wings playoff game live and streaming online. Thankfully I could hook J's laptop to our TV and watch on the "big screen". Heh. Bigger than the laptop LCD anyway.

We've found that Kira does not know what to do when J or I get excited when watching sports on TV. Baseball or hockey, it doesn't matter. She tends to think that something is wrong. Silly girl.

Earlier in the year J and I were both sick after Christmas. We had watched the Rose Bowl parade on New Year's Day and later we watched the Wings play in the NHL Winter Classic outdoors at Wrigley Field vs. the Blackhawks. The Red Wings won by the way. Woo hoo! The whole game J and I were trying to shout and cheer the team on even while our voices were hoarse and we had sore throats. It was still fun, and a nice distraction from being ill.

Why do I say that you would think I was crazy? Well, being the fan I am, my parent's have gotten me Wings' memorabilia over time. They gave me a plaque including the team photo, an encased puck, and two trading cards from the 1996-1997 to 1997-1998 back-to-back Red Wings' Stanley Cup wins. They also gave me a replica #19 Yzerman jersey, and a t-shirt with 'Al' the octopus wearing a Red Wings' jersey on it.

Last night I donned my #19 jersey and sat myself on the couch to watch the game. Kira surely thought I was insane, because I kept shouting when the Wings would score and also when the referees weren't paying attention to Pronger [ugh] and other players. Especially those times when they should have been penalized.

I don't think Kira wanted to sit by me, because she must have thought I was losing my mind. Either that, or that I was going to yell at her. I need to make an aside here. I wasn't yelling out of anger or like I was upset. I shouted in excitement. I get into the games and have fun.

You can't see me doing that? Okay, I'm fairly reserved in other sports, but that's because I don't love them near as much as I do hockey. I enjoy them and will get involved, but hockey is another thing entirely.


If I could, I would have played ice hockey at some point in my life. Oh, I can hear you laughing now. Yes I'm only 4' 10" tall and no bigger than a minute, but I would have loved it… if I could have played. Maybe I should have gone to UofM or MSU. They had teams. Again, it's a Michigan thing. I don't really know of any women's ice hockey teams here, but I'm not claiming there aren't any to be found.

Hockey is part of my life, even if I never had the opportunity to play other than with friends on a frozen pond or on the street a few times during my childhood.

I leave you with some footage from Game 7 on Thursday. It comes directly from the Detriot Red Wings website.

Go Wings! I await your first matchup with the Blackhawks on Sunday afternoon. May the Legend of the Octopus be with you.

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mommiebear2 said...

Sounds like a nice, fun evening at home by yourself. I have to admit, too much together time can lead to silly little arguments. It is nice for you both to do things seperate from time to time. We must get together for a happy hour one of these days. The kids will be leaving for about a month this summer so I will have to give you a shout.

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