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Monday, April 5, 2010

A Fluctuating Closing Date

Our tentative closing date on the house is now April 16th. I'm praying, and hoping it doesn't change again.

The original closing deadline date was April 17th. Then the seller/bank moved it to April 23rd. That date still stands as the deadline (the latest day we can close on), however the bank we have our loan through told us we could close as early as April 9th. That even changed to the 12th, and today it was changed again to the 16th.

Really? Come on guys.

I would like the bank to figure out if they need any additional paperwork, and let us know about all of it now so we can get it done and over with. Please and thank you.

Last week they asked for "proof of employment" for J and then the very next week they asked for mine.


Okay, so I know the home buying process isn't necessarily smooth or easy, but the bank needs to get their act together. This can't be the first time that this particular bank has ever sold a home. If they need verification of employment and a married couple is buying the home, one would think that they would need it from both people and actually ask for it.

Oh no, instead they wait until a week later to ask for the second person's paperwork (mine) and the process requires that we redo the first person's paperwork (J's) as well.

To me this has become a bit irritating and seems as though the bank is trying to stall. I'm not sure why that would be, since they're not making any money by keeping the house. Hmm, interesting. Perhaps they need more time, and if that's true then just say so. Don't prolong this mess of paperwork, before the "real" paperwork at closing. On top of all that, we already provided bank statements, check stubs, and so on to them, and now they're asking for the same things again. I'd like to know what happened to the copies they originally received. Did they toss them? File them in that special round filing cabinet? Shred them? What if they lost them? That is something that would cause me to have a lack of faith in their methods and business practices. Not a good thing.

[Insert quizzical, concerned face here]

Thankfully we've been making progress on the packing side of things. Here's our version of "Tetris" as I mentioned in a previous post. This current section of boxes goes back two deep, and we still have more to go… of course.

3 thoughtful comments:

Chris H said...

Moving house, and particulary the financial side of it is always harrowing... I hope your sale goes through as expected.
I wish you luck with all the packing... it is a horror too!

Charlton said...

i hope all goes well at the closing and they are prepared!

Hol and J said...

Thanks Chris and Charlton. I'm sure I will be updating when we know more.

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