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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Birthdays and Gift Cards Rock!

Take a look at the goodies I purchased for my birthday with a couple gift cards to Amazon! Thanks to my Aunt G & Uncle K, along with my parents. You guys are awesome!

I am so excited to finally have a camera bag that will hold all of my equipment, and do it safely. I can carry it all at one time without too much weight either. This Lowepro option is so much better (in my opinion) than the shoulder-type bag that I had from a previous 35 mm camera, and it will work better in the field for me.

This bag doesn't open from the front like backpacks typically do. The area in the picture that is pulled back, has a zipper and pocket for a camera manual or any other flat items like a small book.

This bag also opens towards your back/body, so it keeps would-be thieves from opening it without you knowing. You actually have to turn the bag around while it is strapped around your waist to open it. The other option would be to take it off and lay it flat on a surface in order to get inside.

The inside panels are padded and fully adjustable allowing you to have it fit your camera and various lenses… even if you were to buy an additional or larger lens later on.

I thought both of these items (directly above) were slightly over-priced, but I knew I needed them for the upkeep of my camera and lenses. They have already proven to be extremely helpful as well! The one on the left is Giotto's Rocket Blower, which safely puffs/blows air to remove dust particles on your lens and even inside your camera. I do wish they had placed a filter on the back end where the air-intake is.

[Dear Giotto's, should any of your reps be reading this - I suggest along with many others that you add some type of filtration to your Rocket Blowers. Thanks!]

The Lens PEN on the right is for a similar cleaning purpose. One end has a soft brush that gently removes dirt while the other end has a carbon impregnated pad to remove fingerprints/oils from the convex glass of your lens. It works better than a microfiber cloth, because the carbon does not hold onto oils like fabric can.

Both of the items mentioned above must be used with extreme care, but when done so they are valuable accessories to your photography equipment arsenal.

*No I wasn't contacted by the manufacturers, nor are they paying me give such a good review of their products… although they should!

Right before my birthday, my sweet Mother-in-Law took my Sister-in-Law and I to a fun store in MP that we both enjoy. She surprised us by having us pick out a few items that we'd like to have for our birthdays (since they were both in September). I got a cute pair of Switchflops with an extra strap, a pajama set, and these beautiful Pandora earrings. K, my sis got some cute travel bags from Vera Bradley to use on her upcoming work trips.

After all of that, my sweet husband J took me to the outlet mall near us to see if we could find a few things. I ended up getting a nice white blouse from Ann Taylor Outlet, and a cute gray sweater dress and a gray/green sweater from another store.

Thank you everyone for making this birthday so special!
- xo

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