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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Enough Already!

This morning started out a bit rough, but it's nothing we can't handle. J accidentally dropped the sugar canister. Thankfully it's one of those old aluminum ones so it didn't break; it just spilled some of the sugar. I grabbed the vacuum and started cleaning it up, as he needed to get out the door and on the way to work. Before I realized it, he was outside in the back yard. I heard Kira bark at him, so I looked up and happened to see one of our two "favorite" canines from next door running by.

Great. Here we go again.

The male offender chewed another hole in the wooden fence closest to the stone fence lining the private road behind us - as you can see below. The female and the male were both running around in our back yard searching for the next place to chew a hole in the fence. Thankfully J stopped them and we both tried to get them back into their yard.

The new hole from this morning 10/12/10.

This is the fourth, or fifth… perhaps even more likely the sixth or seventh time the two dogs have done this and I'm tired of it. It's ridiculous.

[ Meh ]

 A covered hole from back in July or August.
P has fixed this particular hole (above), but this has been a common spot for his dogs to get through. We put up the temporary reinforcement until we can afford to get some chicken wire or some other metal barrier that they can't chew through. Obviously the wire mesh that P has on his side of the fence isn't working.

It's becoming more difficult for us to want to be nice about it. I know we should handle the situation in an adult, and Christian-like manner but I admit it's hard; this is way past the point of being old and tiresome. Our neighbor P continues to fix the fence which is good, as his dogs are the root of the problem. I'd like to know why he can't find a solution to the digging, ripping, chewing, and escaping? I'm pretty sure he needs an electric dog fence. Obviously the dogs are bored and need something to occupy their minds and teeth. It's not their fault, it's truly the owners.

The two dogs get out of their yard, and then all they want to do is get back in. Go figure! Today we tried to help them get back through the hole, but they wouldn't go. Fine, stay out and run loose in the neighborhood. It would be too bad if they get picked up by Animal Control. This is more than a small problem now; it's a reoccurring offense, a nuisance and a potential danger to everyone else around.

All of the dogs near us are friendly, and that's good thing. They haven't been aggressive which is also a plus. The whole situation however is not good for us or our dog Kira. The fence continues to be ruined, and the holes allow Kira to escape without us realizing.

Case in point: One night we came home from work and running some errands. Kira stays safely inside, so we let her out to potty once we were there. We soon realized that she had run down to another neighbor's house because of the hole you can see directly below.

Another hole P's dogs made back in August or September to H's fence.

Our neighbor H on the other side of us still hasn't fixed it. Unfortunately H's actions, or lack there of come across as being lazy and as though she and her kids don't care. This lack of concern and pride in her property shows and makes the rest of our homes look bad. I thought that was one of the main reasons for having a Home Owner's Association. Perhaps I must have read the HOA Deed Restrictions incorrectly. [Insert your own sarcastic remark here.]

It's astounding.

H refuses to let P fix her fence (which is part of our fence) even though his dogs create the damage and it's his responsibility. P offers to fix things and H says "No, don't worry about it. I'll do it." Hmm, that's funny. It would be great if she actually fixed the fence and also if she did it in a timely manner.

The hole in H's gate from today 10/12/10.

This new hole will probably remain like this for three weeks or more - just like all the others have. Wow, if J and I had children who played in the back yard, I'd be furious. I'm already upset about the damage and potential dangers.

Where is it stated that our property isn't something that we can protect and keep looking nice? Why won't each owner take responsibility for their dogs and their homes? Not just fixing the fence, but preventing it from happening again… and again.

It's a shame. Our neighbors are mostly nice, it just seems that they don't care whatsoever about their property, their dogs or anyone else for that matter.

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