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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It's Hard

(I haven't posted in a long time but I shouldn't feel bad, I have a toddler who's keeping me on my toes!)

There's something that I have to write about because it's fresh and will make an impact on our little family, yet it's hard.

A close friend of ours has been fighting cancer for a long time now. He and his wife are like family to us and his health has taken a considerable downturn in the last few days. Sadly the overall outlook isn't good. Hospice began 24 hour care yesterday. Their families are coming into town.

Honestly, it has been a little strange. We have known all along that this situation would eventually present itself. It's never easy coming to that realization and then beginning to grieve when the person you love and care about is still present.

Yesterday after getting the news after our friend's most recent surgery, I found myself falling to my knees in the midst of praying and telling God that I just didn't have the words. While I know He understands, it's still hard.

This sweet man stepped up to fight. He beat the odds he was given. He continues to praise God for the bits of good mixed in with the heaping pile of bad. Instead of being down or complaining about having cancer he says, "Thank you God for another day with my wife. I'm so blessed by these friends I get to spend time with." His life and his outlook are inspiring.

Today I wanted to be selfish and ask our Heavenly Father to heal our friend so he can stay here and continue to be the warrior for Christ that he is. At the same time I prayed that God will bring him peace and comfort, more than making his family and friends happy. Again, it's hard.

In my heart I know that both of those things are answered with our friend being home with Jesus where he will be free of pain. He will no longer be tired. He won't have to fight this nasty cancer any more.

I am so glad to have met him, gotten to know him and to have shared precious time with him. His life and brave fight will continue be a testimony to everyone who knew him and to those who will hear about him.

I know J & I will tell our daughter about our friend one day when she's older. She probably won't remember him, but he loved her and was a true warrior.


For those anonymous commenters who would like to tell me, "Your blog would be better if you wrote more often" or "It would look better if you moved some of the links/images", I do not want waste your time. This is my journal of sorts and I'm giving you the privilege to read it. See it as my gift to you. I don't expect anything more than common kindness. If you don't like it, you don't have to read it.

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Stratoz said...

May the Peace of the Lord be with you.

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