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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thursday's Things 4/25/13

• I love the sight of
Our pup acting spunky again.

She was tired and slower because of the mass in her abdomen.
After surgery she's back to acting like she's 2 years old again (she's actually 9).

• I love the sound of
Kites flying.

Of course you have to be near by to hear them.

• I love the feel of

Getting more accomplished in a short amount of time than I thought I could.


• I love the taste of
The morning's cup of coffee.

I'm not always able to enjoy my coffee while caring for our daughter.
It's not a bad thing; simply nice when I can pause long enough to sip it.

• I love the smell of
A clean toddler.

Sweet, clean and cuddly.

• I'm thankful for
Busy and slow days.

The extremely busy ones help me appreciate the slow ones, and
the slow ones help me recharge for the crazy, busy ones.
Kind of nice how it works like that.

1 thoughtful comments:

Stratoz said...

That kite sound is cool. Glad your pup has found her pep.

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