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Friday, April 25, 2008

Art or Advertising?

Being a graphic designer, I am captivated with these advertisements by Sony. They are first and foremost, great examples of design in my opinion, and then marketing falls into play.

If you haven't seen these ads before, please take a look. I doubt you'll be disappointed.

Some people still debate whether some of the ads are "real" or not. I think most of it is real, due to the "making of" videos.

For example, the bunnies were sculpted and shot with stop-motion animation (like claymation), and their supports were edited out. That's just how it's done. I don't really see how that would be "fake".


Sony Bravia - Bouncy Balls

The making of Sony Bravia - Bouncy Balls

Sony Bravia - Paint

The making of Sony Bravia - Paint

Sony Bravia - (Plasticine) "Play Doh" Rabbits

The making of Sony Bravia - (Plasticine) "Play Doh" Rabbits

Sony Bravia - Foam City

The making of Sony Bravia - Foam City

Sony Bravia - Pyramid

There is a better version of the Pyramid video here. Unfortunately, I was unable to find the "making of" Sony Bravia's Pyramid.

The marketing works doesn't it? You probably want to check out Sony's products now... and if not, you enjoyed watching anyway.

Have a great Friday everyone!

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