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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sorry Wrong Number

I'm sure you've had a phone call really late at night, or reaaaaaly early in the morning. Either you just managed to fall asleep, or you had been in the middle of a dream.

It's never fun.


It startles you awake. Your heart is pounding, mind racing. Your head is still blurry with sleep.

Then it hits you. The phone is ringing, and as you look at the clock you realize no one should be calling at this time. But they are.

Then the thoughts come flooding in.

Who's calling this late? ... Did something happen? ... Car accident? ... Family member ill? ... Hurt? ... Worse?

Fear and frustration combine, but fear usually overpowers. That is, until you answer the phone and find out it was a wrong number.

Source here.

Oh the nerve.

Okay, okay. It's true, I have dialed a wrong number before. The key thing here is, that I've only done it during normal hours of the day.

I had someone call me about 2 months ago at 2:30 in the morning. In the mornnnning peoples!

For all that is decent and good, why? Whyyy?

First: Why would you be calling anyone at 2:30 am?

Second: See above. (I don't think it was a "drunk dial" because they didn't sound tanked.)

Third: When a voice you (the caller) don't recognize answers in English, don't start talking in Spanish.

Fourth: After you, the caller, ask for Consuela, and the recipient (me) says, "No, this is 'so and so'. I think you have the wrong number." ... you, continue to talk and ask a question for Consuela, and try again in Spanish.

"Sorry, wrong number."

Oh, and the Spanish? It isn't really helping. It's almost like talking slower to someone who doesn't understand, or can't hear you. It still won't help things.

Fifth: Why do people not check the number they are calling first? (I know it's usually an accident, and we've all done it at least once.)

Source here.

Moe: Hello, Moe's Tavern. Birthplace of the Rob Roy.

Bart: Is Seymour there? Last name Butz.

Moe: Just a sec. Hey, is there a Butz here? A Seymour Butz? Hey, everybody, I wanna Seymour Butz!

[realizes] Wait a minute... When I get my hands on you...

Then there's the spam text messages.


I received a text message one night around around 11:45 pm - 12:00 am. It was right after I had finally fallen asleep of course, and guess what? It was spam. Wheeee.

Thank goodness for distinct ring tones!

I knew it was a text message by the ring I had set, so I took a quick look, deleted it and went back to sleep.

It's strange. There will be a period of time where I don't receive any, and then a few days in a row I will get these random messages. I wish I could just delete them without being charged.

We are checking our phone bill for sure. I'll debate any of those texts that they want to charge me for. Why charge me for texts that I didn't even write or want?

What was the strangest phone call or text message you have received?

3 thoughtful comments:

Marcia said...

I actually thought I was getting texts from a wrong number for like six months since I didn't recognize the number. My friend finally signed her name in one and I realized that had been coming from her all along. I had to call her immediately and apologize for ignoring her for so long.

MP said...

I emailed you the address I found!

That is a funny post. We use our cell's and not a land line anymore which cut WAY down on the calls...

Ann(ie) said...

I forget I have a home phone. NO one ever answers it and once in a while you'll hear one of us saying....do you hear something ringing?

My cell is usually buried in my purse. I'll have to change my ways when the munchkin is a teenager.

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