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Friday, October 24, 2008


With everything that has been going on in our home, I decided to add one more thing to the list. Yes, I'm good like that. Hmm, I guess I don't think I'm busy enough.

  1. Remove carpet = Put down new laminate flooring.
  2. Remove tile = Replace with new tile.
  3. Remove wallpaper = Re-texture and paint.
  4. Remove cabinets/counters/sinks = New cabinets/counters/sinks.
  5. Take everything out of my office closet/storage = A place I can put my drawing table and laptop.

That means I have to find a place for all the items that had a home in the closet. Such as, wrapping paper, bows, paint (for art not the home), jewelry making supplies, stamps, books, etc.

Closet before.
What a nightmare... and it's even somewhat organized!

My office closet after.
All clean and now home to my drawing table.

You don't know how happy this makes me. At the beginning of this week I was sitting here working on projects, and the best idea popped into my head.


.oO( Hmm, I wonder if my drawing table would fit in the closet. )

Then I pondered about where everything would go, and if J would think it was a good idea. Also, how would I get an extension cord in there to power my laptop and a light? I need a surge protector for sure.

Now then, because I moved my drawing table into the closet, this will allow me to get rid of the small desk (I used in college) that I had across from my main work area. This small desk held my laptop which is mainly used for business related tasks. Accounting, bills, invoices, estimates, etc. I was able to put the laptop on the drawing table in the closet which I think will work really well. It's also nice because I can close the doors and keep everything tidy looking.

My desk... where the magic happens.

The small desk that had been across from my desk
(used for accounting, billing, etc.).

Oooh so clean.

Bye, bye old small desk.

Notice the really tall box? Yep that's the bookcase we're going to build. Using only our hands and a small bent piece of metal. Lovely little things, hex keys aka: Allen wrenches. Here's a hack about modifying a hex key to a power drill and voila you'll be done in no time!

So now these changes will give me us more space in the office so J and I can move my cabinets where the small desk was, and then we can build a bookcase we have been waiting to use from IKEA. The bookcase will go where my cabinets currently are.

Cabinets in their current location.
(L to R: Cabinets, closet, my desk.)

Where the cabinets will relocate.

The future bookcase's new home.
Of course, that's once we move the cabinets, aaand build the bookcase.

The intent was to work Thursday, take a little break and clean out some of the things in my cabinets. Yeah, that didn't happen. It's okay though, because I got a call from a new client (Thank you God!) who had an emergency job. What is an emergency job you ask? It's a rush job with a capital R. You know, because the capital letter stresses how important it is. Not really, I just made that up.


It's an emergency when the event that the client is hosting has a recording artist and will be taking place on Saturday. Oh and you can bet your sweet cheeks it's THIS Saturday. In addition to that, they have to print and fold the program that I designed, typeset, found photos for, revisied... today, Friday.

Say a prayer that everything goes smoothly and that the printers get everything done in time. That would be great because then I can work on an estimate that I need to get to a client, invoice a different client for a newsletter project, then work on the actual job I created the estimate for.

After that? I can empty my cabinets out. Sounds like a pretty full day to me. I will be looking forward to the dinner get-together at J's office. The owners and department managers have realized that things have gotten extremely busy, and everyone needs to take the time to relax and interact under different circumstances without stress.

Note about our office furniture: My desk where I do most of my work, the cabinets and the soon to be bult bookcase are all from IKEA. We even got J a desk, which just so happens to be the same as mine (because he liked it so much). It's true that they aren't "fancy", and that's okay. They were affordable, sturdy, they match and were what we were looking for.

4 thoughtful comments:

Laura said...

Very cool! Oh man, I love it when stuff looks neat!

And IKEA = awesomeness. I love that place. Furniture rocks, and the food is good too.

Good luck with the rush job! I'll be praying for you!

Ann(ie) said...

You are on fire. Kindly come to my house next. 8) I need your expertise!!!

glee said...

I get tired just viewing all that you are doing! If anyone can do all of that, it would be you and J. The two of you are a great team! It looks great so far!

My house is partially furnished by Ikea, too. Love that place!

Burcham Family said...

You definitely inherited your parent's organization and cleanliness! I'm sure your parents are proud :)

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