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Friday, November 20, 2009

La, la, la… new pink gloves!

Do you happen to remember my dear sweet kitchen cleaning gloves from an earlier tale? Ahh, yes. Specifically "Mr. Yellow".

Well, sadly enough Yellow had to retire. He wore a hole right in his left index finger pad (the rubber mind you). It was difficult to part, but his vibrant sister "Miss. Pink" came along and started helping out.

[Mr. Yellow who?]

May I present my new favorite kitchen gloves:

I think I'm in loooove. Thank you to Glee for sending them!

These little beauties are only for kitchen jobs. There won't be any cross-contamination in this house. Actually, there never has been… what am I talking about? Who dat? Who dere?

Oh no, don't let the "redheaded stepchild" bathroom cleaning gloves, "Miss. Scrub" hear that. She'd be jealous. I spoke so highly of her once before. True, she isn't a pretty color, and doesn't have flashy cuffs. She's just plain, yellow, latex. Hey lady, you do a great job don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

I wonder what color the next new member of the glove family will be. Aqua or a bright yellow-green might be nice. Heh, I could use them in the bathroom and they'd be "Mr. Aqua Glove Man" or something…

[Yeah. Anyway.]

I think "Miss. Scrub" will be getting some attention in the next few days. It's time for some tub scrubbing and pot cleaning. No, not the kitchen kinds of pots. Ick! The toilet kind. There's nothing better than having a clean house when you get back from being away over a holiday.

Speaking of which, have a very nice Thanksgiving! If I know your families, tell them hello for me and pass along a hug. Of course, I wouldn't involve "Miss. Scrub" or "Miss. Pink". They're not so good for giving hugs, but they understand.

2 thoughtful comments:

Marcia said...

Those are by far the cutest rubber gloves I have ever seen! Maybe I'll have to add some to my wish list.

glee said...

You are welcome! I had just read your post about how much you loved your gloves when I found those! Now, don't get them dirty... ;-)

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