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Saturday, March 13, 2010

My date…

or rather appointment with da, da, daaa!

Yellow cleaning gloves including a guest appearance from the pink ones too!

Yes I'm back to that again. Oh come on, I still need to clean. I have We've fallen off the "cleaning schedule" and it's been decided that I really need we really need to get back to it. My weekends don't need to be sucked into the swirling vortex of toilets, dusting, and vacuuming among other things.


With a schedule, the tasks are broken down throughout the week, and make things a little less overwhelming when trying to tackle housework in general. I think getting all the counter tops and sinks done one day, the dusting and vacuuming another, laundry a few times during the week as needed, etc. works well for us.

Next week is the start of some pretty busy times. First off, I will be covering for one of my coworkers the whole week at my part-time job. I guess that would be considered full time wouldn't it? I've been trained for the parts of her job I'll need to know, but I have a feeling it's going to be a long, tiring week. Fortunately we have J's parents visiting that weekend to attend the Livestock Show and Rodeo on Saturday. The concert after the rodeo will be Brooks & Dunn (on their last ever tour – unless they decide to come out of retirement in the future… as some have been known to do.) I think most of us are looking forward to it!

This is exactly why a house work schedule helps. It breaks things down into manageable chunks so that cleaning can be done even during a busy work week without feeling as though I'm wading in water over my head.

Next up? Laundry on Sunday afternoon. Counter tops at the beginning of the week. Tile, laminate and carpet on Thursday evening.

How do you manage your housework? Do you like to break it up in smaller groups, or do you enjoy doing it all at the same time?

2 thoughtful comments:

Lindsay said...

Those gloves are adorable!!! Where did you get them? And tell me more about your schedule?

Hol and J said...

Lindsay, I'm not for sure where the pink gloves came from since my aunt got them for me. Perhaps Amazon?

I've seen various cute gloves at these online locations: "Carolyn's Kitchen", "Glam Gloves on Amazon" and "Gloveables on Amazon".

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