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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday's Things 6/24/10

• I love the sight of
Friends visiting who I haven't seen in about a year.

It seemed like not even a day had passed.

• I love the sound of
Our dog Kira dreaming.

She has the cutest little barks, whimpers and twitches.

• I love the feel of
Getting our "we've moved" announcement finished.

Now all I need to do is print and mail a few… plus email others

 • I love the taste of
Sun tea.

I have often wondered why sun tea seems to
taste a bit better than tea made from boiling water.

• I love the smell of

Have you ever tasted the nectar from a purple one?

• I'm thankful for
Clients who pay on time.

I'm dealing with one who is regularly behind with their payments.
It's going on two months late
this time, and they know I'm fed up. *sigh*

Yes I know I should "fire" this client; it's just not the right time to do it yet.

Did you do anything special for Father's Day? Do you celebrate it?
What is your favorite summer-time drink?

1 thoughtful comments:

Chris H said...

My favourite drink?
You shouldn't need to ask... DIET COKE... summer, autumn, winter and spring! lol

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