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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Good News or Bad News First?

Well the good news is that D the AC repairman came out with some helpers to install a new compressor in our AC unit.

It's ama-za-zing that it took this long for everything to happen. It wasn't completely his fault though. The manufacturer of our AC unit wouldn't call D back, so that prolonged things from being fixed.

How bad is it that we originally called about the air conditioner not working in May. May my dear internets! I guess that's better than April of last summer.

There's even better news. The AC was actually working when D and the other workers left. I started to think we might be done with daily calls to report "the compressor went out again".

Oh but I was too hopeful.
Dun, dun, dun.

Now the bad news.

I had to call D around 3:30 pm because the temperature inside the house had gotten to about 81 and the compressor in the AC unit had not come on. Whaaa? This is nothing new. I even turned the thermostat to 73, and it still. would. not. come. on.

I was not surprised when I called D and he was dumbfounded and a little irritated. Can't say I blame him.

Tell me, at what point do you get fed up with calling someone? I believe I'm past that point. I was over that before we went to Florida in June. I was over that last summer.

Lukewarm news. D is having another contractor come out tomorrow to be another set of eyes and fresh ideas. I sure hope someone, anyone can figure this out. I'd like to wear normal work clothes instead of changing into shorts and a tank top every day around 12:00 or 1:00 pm.

That is all.

1 thoughtful comments:

imaginary binky said...

Oy. I feel your pain. We thought we could live without an AC. Then I was pregnant. A hot, angry pregnant woman is not a sight to behold. Now I type this as cool air blows my hair. Ahhhh...

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