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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Randomness

One of my sweet bloggy friends posted her six random things, so I thought I would follow suit. I'm sure you are all thrilled about that. Where else could you find out weird and funny things about me?

I like my yellow cleaning gloves, if you hadn't noticed. My gloves and I have a kind of love-hate relationship. Mostly love I guess, because I couldn't get imperative cleaning done without them. Now I'm thinking that I should spread the love and broaden the color choice. Pink might be nice. I had bluish-purple ones once (a thicker heavy duty pair), but after lots of use they had to go. It was sad, until I got a new bright yellow pair.

Don't you think bright pink gloves would make cleaning more fun?

• My dad likes things to be neat and orderly. My mom likes things to be clean. I came to realize I didn't have a chance when I was growing up. Now I can see that my love of art, design and an appreciation for color have taken over; or is that OCD? - I "organize" my Serenity Green and Serenity Sand Pfaltzgraff dishes. Green plate, tan plate, green, tan, green, tan, green, tan, green, tan... I better not break any. Sometimes, I purposely stack them however I pull them out of the dishwasher. No color order or pattern. Yeah cause I'm cool like that.

I'm still not sure why we have the white dishes.
Sounds like a good time to take them to Goodwill or post on Freecycle.

Another thing I have done was to take a cue from organizing web sites by organizing my closet by color and clothing type. Good news with that; the pieces are easier to find, it looks good and helps things stay neat. You can't beat that.

• I have a habit of sitting on my hands to keep them warm when I'm riding in the car during winter. Of course I don't do this if I'm driving. There's something comforting about it, and I think it gets my hands warmer faster than the heater does. As it's said, "cold hands, warm heart." The really funny thing? After having done it for the winter, I tend to continue doing it out of routine even if it's not cold out. I end up having to "undo" the habit.

• Mention eyebrows, and I might want to look in a mirror. Why? I don't think I have the ability to pluck my eyebrows evenly. Honestly. I have over plucked the thickest part that comes close to the bridge of my nose. I'm trying to let that section of my left eyebrow grow back in, but it's being fussy. When I was a teen and even in college, I had not learned how to just trim and shape my brows. Instead of dealing with fuzzy caterpillars on my face, I over plucked, on accident of course. Now then, I have figured out how to trim and give a basic shape, but I need to lay. off. with. the. tweezing. I think I might need to find an eyebrow threading place and get them done.

This doesn't show both eyebrows, so it's difficult to see that they are uneven.

• I habitually clip out recipes and decorating photos from magazines. One good thing about that is, I can get rid of older bulky magazines that are taking up space. The bad thing is that I have so many recipes in a binder, that I'll probably never get around to trying them all. The decorating photos are anything from a kitchen's design, to how pictures are framed on a wall. None of this is essentially bad, but I think the clippings need to be pared down some. In this day and age, if I need to find some information I can rely on you dear Internets.

Citrus-Ginger Chicken: This is a really good recipe.

I found the recipe while I was working for the Abilene Reporter News when I graduated from college. I don't think I tried it until J and I were married, but at least I had the sense to save it.

Cookies: I luvre them!

Especially the Peanut Butter Surprises you can see on the page (courtesy of Martha Stewart). I found two variations of this cookie. One is like a peanut butter cookie with melted chocolate in the center, and the other is reversed. Chocolate cookie with peanut butter in the center. Yum!

• I have almost every single sketch, drawing, painting and design I made from college. Most, if not all the digital design work is backed up on disks, but I need to go through all the "hard copy" - the sketches, drawings and paintings and then photograph them so I have copies. Then at that point I can get rid of any pieces that I don't like or aren't worth keeping.

I actually like this one for some reason.

It's not the best drawing I've ever done, but there's something about it that pulls me back every time.

Why is it so hard to get rid of things that you yourself have created? Some of them I have an attachment to, so they stay. While others I don't care for, but I still have not gotten rid of them. Fine I admit it! I'm somewhat of a pack rat when it comes to my artwork. Honestly I don't need it all, so why do I hang on to it? We don't have the space for it. I just need to take the time and do it.

The orange Popsicle. Yep this one stays.
I actually want to frame it and hang it in my office so it makes me smile.

Not bad for a timed sketch of a skeleton.
I don't think I really need to keep it, but we'll see.

What are some of your quirks or things many people might not know about you? Do you share any with me, or other friends? Do tell... it may help the rest of us feel "normal".

3 thoughtful comments:

glee said...

You never cease to amaze me!

Why not photograph the recipes and store them on disks? At least the ones you aren't sure of.

Thank you for sharing this.

Biddy said...

i didn't know you worked for Repeater News!

i love the popscicle one!

*sigh* i wish i was artistic

Ann(ie) said...

okay. I think we need to live next door to each other, girlie. We'd have so much fun and I need a cool neighbor. Pink Gloves would TOTALLY make cleaning more fun and plate stacking just makes me warm and fuzzy. ;)

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